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An Example of a Good Application

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This shows people a guideline to what we look at, the structure and how well an application is written as well as giving us an insight on you as an individual.

We are fully aware of what is written in this application, and trying to use any written parts of this application will be seen as plagiarism which in turn will result in it being declined.

Position applied for:
I am leaning towards x position, however, I will take up a position to whatever the staff feel would fit my application.

Timezone (UTC):

Discord Tag:


  • English.
  • x
  • y
  • z

Have you ever been assigned a staff position?
Server-wise I've been in both moderation, and administration roles on old servers. These servers were known as 'X' and 'X'. I have also worked with other servers in the past, however, I do not wish to disclose these in public. There are other servers which have closed their doors years ago which are also part of my experience, but due to their age they are not worth listing.
Stepping away from RSPS exclusive staff positions I've held some positions at some large forums/websites such as:

  • 'X'
  • 'X' (Server and website shut down a while ago, however here is this and so)
  • x
  • y
  • z

How long have you worked there?
I spent around two years and a half working at 'X', ranging duties from simple server support up to administration duties. I spent six months working at Impact, until the doors closed. From there I went silent, and helped 'X' and the launch team of 'X' prepare 'X' for launch, and currently still work there today as their community manager.

What do your duties entail?
Speaking specifically about my 'X' experience, my duties entailed general forum moderation along with dealing with numerous scam reports/spam reports, disputes, issues with 2 factor authentication, the management of 'X', and how well our staff team operations.

Do you still work there? If not, why not?

Are you in any form of education?
Yes, I am currently in my second year of college. 

Have you ever been infracted (forums/ingame) on Soulsplit?

How much time do you spend on Soulsplit weekly? 
On a daily average I spend ~6 hours of my time on Soulsplit. This would translate to ~42 hours a week.

Image of time spent logged in:

"Insert picture here"

What do you like the most about Soulsplit?
Soulsplit is a fantastic that shows a ton of potential. What I like about Soulsplit is the fact that we are one of the best developed servers in the niche of the Pre-EoC Runescape. Soulsplit continues to grow and improve on a weekly basis. The community is full of excitement and we have some very intelligent and dedicated members who are committed to the betterment of this server and thoroughly enjoy spending time with our community.

I have really come to enjoy everything Soulsplit has created and it suits me very well. This is the first server in a long time that I've truly bitten into and I'm really enjoying it. 

Why would you like to work with us?

I'd love to work with you to help share some of my knowledge and experience in the field of moderation to help grow this community. While my experience wouldn't cover everything it would be a good start to becoming a level-headed moderator that is willing to objectively look at things and take them for face value. Overall we as a community have to identify what our weaknesses are as a team and work towards bettering ourselves to ensure that we don't bottleneck our growth. Overall I would like to help contribute to the project that has kept me entertained for the last while, and has provided me with the ambition again to return to forums/gaming.

Why would you make a good addition to the current team?
I have a strong background in forum moderation as well as being known as a reasonable and relaxed individual. Anybody who's spent any time with me online can vouch that I don't get riled up, I don't get upset, and I don't take things to heart. The reality is I feel that I'm a strong candidate because I don't necessarily care about the power it brings. The rank itself means very little to me and this is a genuine effort to help put myself out there to support this server. This application is by no means a 'power trip' or anything of the sort. 

I have not, and will not claim that I am the best player, nor will I say that I know more than anyone else on this server. I'm not a knowledge-base like some of our other community members. I don't have guides under my name because the reality is that I've read and used half of them to my advantage. I'm an old school player and a lot of the skills and monsters we kill/train on are new to me. However, what I will reiterate is that I acknowledge that I'm not perfect and I don't know everything. Being moderator despite popular belief is not about knowing everything, it's an opportunity for people to help contribute in the ways they can to the project. 

What skills or unique qualities will you be bringing with you to team?

  • Strong moderation background
  • Maturity
  • Punctuality
  • Understanding/reasonable
  • Experience
  • Realism

What do you expect to get out of being staff on our server?
The only thing that I would expect in becoming staff is to be treated like everyone else. Otherwise, the real question I would have is why would someone apply to be staff if they 'expected to get' things in return. This is a volunteer position that is to help the server.

What do you think are three important qualities of a member of the staff team?
I've chosen some qualities that really cover a wide arrange of other characteristics and qualities that in my eyes every moderator should have:

  • Maturity - Being mature is more than what it appears, it includes a variety of topics including my next two qualities. It's as simple as understanding that this isn't a position to make you cool, or popular, or better than someone else. There are very many people who have held staff positions on busy sites/servers that would actually suggest that being a moderator can be a huge pain as opposed to being just a regular player. With that in mind you will come across many situations that will require your patience, maturity, and realism to come to some sort of resolution.
  • Integrity - This quality covers a ton of smaller qualities. Integrity covers things like honesty, compassion, empathy, morals, and simply put doing what's right because it's right. As we've all seen there have been times in the past sometimes where our moderation and administration team have been brought into claims of dishonesty, questions of morals, and/or questions of overall character. Those who are selected to be responsible for moderation of Soulsplit should have a strong self identity that promotes integrity and strong morals for the simple reason that there are many of our members who rely on the honesty and integrity of our staff.
  • Equitable - Being someone that can stay away from drama or know when to separate themselves from friends on the server and look at things rationally is extremely important to being a reasonable and fair moderator. The reality is there will be times when someone you know, previously knew, or know about will be called to question about something. It is your job to look at what is brought forward and provide unbiased and fair feedback towards coming to a conclusion in any sort of case. Being able to step away and have a fair perspective of the actual situation without being involved is very difficult, but very important in general moderation.

In conclusion: 
Thanks for taking the time to read through my application. I hope you all have some sort of genuine feedback for me to either help with my application, or to become a better candidate in the future. We have a lot going for us here, and I hope for the best. If you have any questions or concerns about anything you've read in my application please do PM me on Discord, or PM me here, and I'd be happy to go over anything.

Kind regards,

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