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Found 19 results

  1. Hello, Today we have decided to promote one of our staff members! Please congratulate our newest Moderator. @Cozy has been promoted to SoulSplit Moderator We would like to start looking at applications following the opening of the Alotic beta, which has no disclosed date at of yet. If you're interested in applying, please do so here! Kind regards, Soulsplit Administration
  2. After a few days of pulling my hair out, Clans have finally been rewritten! There's some new things and some of the old things remained, like the view page. (mostly). There is, however, a new design for improved usability, and should just overall make it a ton easier to use. Overall new design that fits more in-line with the rest of the site. Everything rewritten on it from the ground up Speed improvements due to optimizations on the database, and the back-end code. Applications are now handled a little differently, and cleanly. Clans are now separated based on the domain you're visiting (ie. and now have separate clan listing) Total Exp for each clan added. Will have to write a cron-job for this to work. For now i wrote some code to manually update it for the initial update on the clans page. Filtering by type added with icons Added ability to kick members from your clan. You can now delete your clan, IF you're the only member in the clan. If there's any issues please report them to me via the discord server. Thanks, Fox
  3. Greetings! Short and sweet, we have decided to upgrade two of our staff members as well as one demotion @Its Mohas been promoted to SoulSplit Moderator @Liquid Flamehas been promoted to Global Moderator @Alexhas been demoted due to inactivity *Note - We will be starting to look at applications now in search of 2 server supports who will work with the team to ensure the community is having the best experience possible! Congratulations, Soulsplit Administration
  4. Hey guys, We've been working hard on new content updates to add to Soulsplit, and we decided we'd fill everyone in on the progress. There is plenty of content coming up in the next few updates. Making it short and sweet, these are the following content updates we have been working on behind the scenes; TzTok-Jad TzTok-Jad has a max hit of 97 and can easily kill most players in one hit with any of its three attacks: a Melee attack with its bite, a blast of Magic in the form of a fireball, and a boulder falling from the ceiling as a Ranged attack. Polypore Dungeon (All 4 levels and Ganodermics! Polypore Dungeon; A very deep Slayer Dungeon located under an island in the River Salve, east of the Mage Training Arena and Exam Centre Within the dungeon (four rooms north and east of the entrance) is a resource dungeon, which requires 82 Dungeoneering to access. Just south of the resource dungeon entrance lies an agility shortcut which leads to an extra part of the dungeon, requiring 73 Agility in order to use. Navigating through the several floors is achieved by using the vines that are found on specific platforms on each floor. Stronger monsters are encountered as the player ventures deeper into the dungeon.All the dungeon's inhabitants and monsters except for the infested axes and the skinweaver wear large skulls on their heads Lodestone Network The Lodestone Network is a teleportation system that permits travel to various locations across Gielinor via the Home Teleport spell. After selecting Home Teleport, an interface will pop up, allowing you to choose where to teleport. Lodestones can be found as symbols on the minimap and on the world map, making locating them easy. Apart from Lumbridge, an ancient lodestone in the area must be activated in order to unlock travel to new locations. Data Toggle Data-toggling is here! Don't like the current models? Wish it looked old-school? Maybe not? Player's now have the ability to toggle their own preferred data to customize the way the game look's and feels! Regards, Soulsplit Development
  5. The last few days have been pretty hectic as I've managed to get a lot of stuff added and redone, but fear not! It is finally done! (mostly). And before commenting about the hiscores, I'm aware but unfortunately that's a server-side issue. More updates to come Soon! Completed redesigned the store page, front and back-end Flips back-end redone, rewards are 1:1 with mystery boxes with reduced chances (because you get 2 for $3, not 1 for $10) Added a spot in your account panel to see items bought using credits NEW ADD-ON Suggestions Page! You can now openly post ideas on this new page, and get votes! The more votes you have the more likely it will be done! Anything that gets done will be marked as "completed". Suggestions can not be edited so make sure you type clearly and correctly. If you like an idea, just click the button to the left to give it a vote. it's that simple!
  6. Greetings, With development focusing on fixing these pesky bugs, we are finally ready to introduce our first official content poll. Content polls will be featured publically in an effort to achieve a consensus on what you guy's would like to see first. By prioritizing content chosen the community, we hope to achieve clarity in understanding what you guy's would love to see down the line for Soulsplit. Without further-or-due... Please note, prior to adding the following content voted upon in the poll, we will be adding the following features into Soulsplit very soon! Grand Exchange Instanced Bossing Group Ironmen Existing Content Suggestions In response to the following OSRS content discussion found here; Although we believe OSRS has several unique and fun features and content, we believe that we still have plenty of good content that we can offer before going down that route. In other words, it is not a discussion we plan on shutting the door on, rather we would like to dedicate our time and effort discussing such topic more down the line with the community! Content Poll 1. PK Tournament System The following system will have the following features found within the OSRS Tournament system such as (but not limited to); Players will be able to spectate fights Fights will be preset by the tournament system Winner's will be granted awards - there will be multiple event's running automatically on a fixed schedule 2. Full Dominion Tower ( The Dominion Tower houses a minigame which gives players the opportunity to re-fight various quest bosses. Players will receive rewards for completing floors There are a total of 10 different floors varying in levels Minigame's rewards including combat experience, new consumable items, and dominion glove sets. 3. Queen Black Dragon [New boss] An added NPC for slayer task's! 4. Full Polypore Dungeon (All 4 levels, ganodermics) & Full Jadinko Lair. Polypore Dungeon; A very deep Slayer Dungeon located under an island in the River Salve, east of the Mage Training Arena and Exam Centre Within the dungeon (four rooms north and east of the entrance) is a resource dungeon, which requires 82 Dungeoneering to access. Just south of the resource dungeon entrance lies an agility shortcut which leads to an extra part of the dungeon, requiring 73 Agility in order to use. Navigating through the several floors is achieved by using the vines that are found on specific platforms on each floor. Stronger monsters are encountered as the player ventures deeper into the dungeon.All the dungeon's inhabitants and monsters except for the infested axes and the skinweaver wear large skulls on their heads Full Jadinko Lair; Players can help the Jadinko Queen rid her lair of mutated jadinkos or cut down jade vines to create ranged weapons. The lowest requirements to participate in various activities of the Jadinko Lair are 83 Fletching, 83 Firemaking, 83 Woodcutting, and 80 Slayer. The attackable mutated jadinkos within the lair range from levels 93 to 100. 5. Dungeons of Daemonheim (Full re-work of Dungeoneering. 60 floors different floors; with complexities, dungeon sizes, prestiging, parties and more!) 6.Advanced Agility Courses & Fist of Guthix. Website Update In addition, we have added a new feature on the website thanks to @OG KingFox You may now post suggestions that can be found within the following page; Players of the community can up-vote on current existing suggestions - this section would be actively monitored by administration+ and most successful suggestions, will be officially polled by development.
  7. I find that we need that kind of security to register, i mean, it's a rsps. i literally smashed my face agaisnt my keyboard to make a password.
  8. Hello everybody, Today we have one demotion to announce. @NoOneCares has been demoted from SoulSplit Moderator We would like to take this time and say that staff applications are still open, you can apply here. Kind regards, Soulsplit Administration
  9. Greetings! In light of our progression with development, I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of the team at Soulsplit and Alotic and thank the community for all the hard work in helping us clean the game! For the patience you guy's have delivered, we have decided to award the community with a grand event. Event details August 9 @ 3:00PM EST Drop party Barrows Minigame The event will feature in-game drops (economy safe) as-well as 5 exchange items. The exchange items will be divided into 2 categories which will unlock 2 different kind of reward categories. User who picks up the following item will be subject to 1 of 3 25m OSRS GP prize. There will be a total of 3 crates dropped. Two user's who picks up the following item will be subject to the following rewards; Corsair HS60 – 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound PC Gaming Headset Acer SB220Q bi 21.5" Full HD (1920 x 1080) IPS Ultra-Thin Zero Frame Monitor Expect an update patch tomorrow with more bug fixes! If you have any question's or concerns, please regard them below! Goodluck to all participants! Soulsplit Administration
  10. Ironmen should probably be able to purchase elemental runes from shops. Ideally, they'd also be able to purchase chaos, deaths, bloods, etc... might make sense to have a separate store for ironmen with more limited quantities to still keep it difficult.
  11. Hello everyone, Today we have two new additions to the staff team! Everyone please welcome our new helpers. @Cozy has been promoted to SoulSplit Helper @Its Mo has been promoted to SoulSplit Helper Regards, Soulsplit Administration
  12. Hello everyone, Today we're opening up helper applications and looking to have staff online in all time zones, so if you feel you're up for it head over and read the guidelines found here and then apply here! I look forward to reading all of your applications! In addition, a global rulebook and infraction guide can be found in our knowledge base. The goal of the infraction guide being public is so that if you feel you're being falsely punished, you can refer to the guide and then report the staff member if needed. Head here for the global rulebook and here for the infraction guide. That's all for now. Expect many more server updates coming later today! Thanks, Management
  13. Greetings! Release Date After many months in development, we're excited to announce our release date for Soulsplit as August 5th, 2019. We have spent countless weeks and months rewriting Soulsplit from the ground up. While we have progressed with the BETA stage, we have not only isolated many (patched) bugs, it also allowed us to identify a path for Soulsplit. While we have a lot of things to polish up before the release date, we are confident that Soulsplit is at a good stage. Continuing with extensive private testing with our current team, every member on the team will be hard at work in an effort to ensure a release that is suitable to many of your expectations. Soulsplit - August 5th, 2019 Soulspawn - No ETA Alotic - No ETA This entire project has been an amazing endeavor, and something that the team can't wait to explore with you! The development team is grateful for all of the support thus far. Following the release of Soulsplit, stay tuned for upcoming information on the release of Soulspawn and our most anticipated project yet... Alotic! In-Game Competition *Giveaway*: We're going to be giving away multiple prizes in the first week of the release! Some of the prizes will have multiple winners, as well as different ways to win them! Make sure to be online for the release to have the best opportunity to win! The prizes will consist of the following: PlayStation 4 Pro or XBox One X or Equivalent Store Credit Value will go to: The first player to achieve maximum total level on a Extreme account. The first player to achieve maximum total level on an Extreme ironman account. 100M 07 or Equivalent Store Credit will go to: The second and third players to achieve maximum total level on a Extreme account. The second and third players to achieve maximum total level on an Extreme ironman account. 50m 07 or Equivalent Store Credit will go to: The fourth and fifth players to achieve maximum total level on a Extreme account. The fourth and fifth players to achieve maximum total level on an Extreme ironman account. We will also be having events in-game during the release week: *More that are not listed here, but these have big boi prizes* Hide & Seek - August 5th: 1 winner of a Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum RGB Tunable Gaming Mouse (or equivalent store credit) 1 winner of a CORSAIR K55 RGB Gaming Keyboard 3 winners of 25m 07 GP Drop Party - August 9th: Specific items will be dropped during the drop party that can be traded to admins for ultra-prizes, such as: 1 winner of a Acer SB220Q bi 21.5" Full HD (1920 x 1080) IPS Ultra-Thin Zero Frame Monitor 1 winner of a Corsair HS60 – 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound PC Gaming Headset 3 winners of 25m 07 GP Discord Giveaway We will be hosting a huge discord giveaway for the chance to win juicy prizes. How does it work? Participants will simply be required to share an invite link with their friends. The unique link will allow us to track the amount of invites you have towards the server! The EVENT will finish following the release date on August 5th, 2019. The ranked finalists will be rewarded the following; Prizes 1st place: 250m 07 or store credit 2nd place: 100m 07 or store credit 3rd place: 50m 07 or store credit 4th and 5th place: 25$ store credit. 6-10th place: 10$ store credit. Update Patch Take a look at our biggest update patch to date! With over 500+ updates, we believe we are getting closer and closer to providing the community with a game that will pave a new meaning of fun. Media Here is some media to show off some of what the game looks like now after all of our progress Stay tuned, Soulsplit Administration
  14. Hello there, Today we have a few promotions as well as a change in rank: @Cat has been promoted to SoulSplit Moderator Here is a brief introduction: Hi, my name is Cat. I'm a 22 year old preschool teacher and avid gamer. I've been playing RuneScape since 2008, and RSPS since 2011. I played the original SoulSplit up until it was closed and I was staff there for over a year. I've worked with nearly all of the current staff members here and would thoroughly enjoy being able to be staff again on the game that made me love private servers! @Couchy has been promoted to Forum Moderator Here is a brief introduction: Hi the names Tom, I’ve been around a lot of these staff members for many many years. I was a former forum mod and an avid friend to a lot of people back in the day on soulsplit. I’m a chilled out guy, there’s a small chance of seeing me in game but you’ll be able to catch me 24/7 over here. I’ll keep this short and sweet. It’s good to be back! @Timebrawler has switched from Forum Moderator to SoulSplit Moderator Regards, Soulsplit administration
  15. Username: Crux Timezone: -5 Ingame Name: Crux Ingame Crown: Username: Reaper Timezone: -5 Ingame Name: Reaper Ingame Crown: Username: Fahq Timezone: -5 Ingame Name: Fahq Ingame Crown: Username: Klepto Timezone: +3 Ingame Name: kLeptO Ingame Crown: Username: Og KingFox Timezone: -5 Ingame Name: Og KingFox Ingame Crown: Username: Zero Timezone: -5 Ingame Name: Zero Ingame Crown: Username: Caliphate Timezone: +5 Ingame name: Caliphate Ingame Crown: Username: Xlewiss Timezone: +1 Ingame Name: Xlewiss Ingame Crown: There are currently no Forum Administrators at this time. Username: Liquid Flame Timezone: -8 Ingame name: Liquid Flame Ingame Crown: There are currently no Event Managers at this time. Username: Age Timezone: -6 Ingame name: Age Ingame Crown: Username: Cat Timezone: -6 Ingame Name: Cat Ingame Crown: Username: Heavyballz Timezone: -5 Ingame Name: Heavyballz Ingame Crown: Username: Its Mo Timezone: +1 Ingame name: Its Mo Ingame Crown: Username: Timebrawler Timezone: -6 Ingame Name: Timebrawler Ingame Crown: Username: Couchy Timezone: +1 Ingame name: Couchy Ingame Crown: Username: Cozy Timezone: -5 Ingame Name: Cozy Ingame Crown: There are currently no Jr. Forum Moderators at this time
  16. Hello Everyone, We've done quite a number of updates since you last heard from us here at SoulSplit, we have MUCH more in the pipeline for you guys to enjoy in the next upcoming months, but we hope you enjoy the additions/fixes done so far in beta! (492 front-end updates *and counting*, & over 1000 updates done backend wise). Ironman Mode To create an Ironman account, select it from the 'advanced mode' dropdown when you first create your account. Existing accounts are not eligible to be Ironman. Restrictions: No playertoplayer trades No Grand Exchange trades No picking up drops from other players No Lootshare No XP or loot in PvP No multiplayer minigames Dungeoneering is solo only No Social Slayer Ironman accounts come with titles and chat badges to show off their prestigious status, and there are Ironman hiscores to compete on. The real reward, though, is knowing that every hard won victory is yours alone. Hardcore Ironman Mr Ex can sell you a jar of divine light, which will change a Hardcore Ironman character to an Ironman character. Note that all changes are irreversible. Fixed the white sprite background issue. Fixed mouse clicking and right clicking when using java versions >8. Added 2011 font faces, discarded all old ones. Added multi-crown support. All crowns you have access to will be shown (membership and staff or ironman an d staff, for example) Right clicking near the world map/SoulSplit extras orb will no longer eat your context menu We have successfully finished our plugin system which will allow us to get content pushed out MUCH quicker than before with the older, depreciated systems that were there previously. (Large backend update; Kotlin, coroutines baby) PMing/friends list was fixed. Examine on NPC's was fixed. Achievement's system was added: Four separate difficulties. Over 20 achievements per difficulty was added so far. New interfaces were added: Teleport interface Presets interface OSRS slayer interface NPC kill tracker Achievement tracker Master Farmer was added: Spawns were added at Draynor & Ardougne. Disabled the use of familiars inside the duel arena. Fixed a mistake in logic preventing users from receiving items post duel. Fixed a visual bug causing spoils not appearing on the duel victory interface. The following NPC's had their combat defense stats nerfed: Corporeal Beast Nex Nomad The Grand Exchange has been added to SoulSplit: This will work cross-world (SoulSplit, SoulSplit Pvp, & Members world). API written for the website to fetch all grand exchange data as well. Enter price, price bounds, close buttons, price percentages for Grand Exchange all added. Grand Exchange Texture sprites fixed. Shop System was completely redone: Backend was optimized to allow us to easily add/modify existing shops. Shop prices will no longer decrease based on the amount of items that are sold to the general store. (So, skilling will be much more profitable). Fixed alchemy not correctly returning to the spell book. Fixed a regression which caused mining rocks and other objects to disappear when they were de-spawned. Redirected portal inside Clan Wars safe area to teleport the player to their respective home location instead of in the middle of wild. Shooting stars: Added success rolling for shooting stars based on difficulty. Added support for first-miner bonus on shooting stars. Added support for receiving stardust per successful mine on shooting stars. The amount of stardust obtainable per player capped at 200. Ensure player's action is reset if the shooting star disappears before finished. Added prospecting support for shooting stars. It will display the current stage of the star, level required to mine and percent to next layer. Added stat requirements to agile equipment. Tweening has been added to the client. Several memory improvements were made. Aesthetics: Several issues in maps/roofs/etc... were all fixed/optimized. Textures/models/etc... were all fixed/optimized. IdentityKit System was improved (fixes pink hair > adds support for more colors). Fixed an issue where performance would degrade over time causing consistent fps dips. Update server: After the initial download, only individual files that are updated, will be d downloaded when we do a client/cache update. Fixed projectiles from crashing the client. Fixed a visual glitch which allowed you to have the same item in different bank tabs. PKP shop's prices were tweaked (nerfed slightly). Prevention was added for chinchompas from getting dropped or being collected by ava's. Mage bank lever will no longer glitch into the wall. Korasi Sword's max hit was buffed: The max hit is now an additional 70% of your max hit; instead of the previous 50% It also scales with NPC's now for an additional 110% of your max hit. Fixed a dungeoneering item smuggle issue. Added Slayer dungeon agility shortcut functionality (level requirements is 81). Flowers from mithril seeds appear globally and stay visible for 30 seconds. Pumpkin's were made tradeable. Fixed Chaos Elemental safe-spotting. Fixed part of wilderness not being counted as a wilderness area. Major fixes to combat following were made. Should solve a majority of pathing issues (Mainly, PVP related issues): Attacking from under a player was fixed. Diagonal combat issues were fixed. Not being able to follow a player from a couple of squares away was fixed. Hugging/anti-hugging was fixed. Attacking with range/magic now works as soon as the distance limits are reached. Vote tickets will now go to player's banks by default. Items won from a duel fight will now be added to the bank if there is no room in the player's inventory. Added support for extreme potion creating and other missing potion definitions for Herblore. Added support to grind whitelisted items for herblore use. Proper 32K+ object interaction support was added to the client. Mystery boxes will no longer delete items when your inventory is full, they will be dropped below you. Farming bushes are now fixed. Option to withdraw 'X' has been added. Slayer has been completely rewritten. Proper slayer task assigning added. Proper slayer masters added w/ correct locations. Proper slayer shops. Slayer gem support added. Duo slayer has been added. Ability to request and add a partner. Added 'Partner' option to Enchanted gem for slayer. Bank placeholders will now set properly in other tabs. We have added multiple different Donator tiers w/ rewards. Information on the tier's available can be found in the knowledge base section of the forums. Player's current tier is resolved on initialization. Added Saradomin brew crafting support. Addition of tiara achievement and Saradomin brew achievement. Fixed game objects regional issues (No more object disappearing while skilling/etc...) Added crystal and muddy key chests. Time tracking added to the server. Added 'kill Jad in under 3 minutes' achievement. Boss instancing added with interface + parties. Several combat adjustments: Rewrote the MeleeMaxHit method with the proper calculations Fixed the castle-wars set bonus (wrong helm id). Fixed black mask's damage bonus. Fixed Berserker's Necklace + Obsidian weapons damage bonus. Fixed darklight damage bonus. Fixed the prayer bonuses amounts for maxhit calculation. Rewrote the getEffectiveStrength method with the proper calculations. Added several item identifiers. Removed witch-doctor damage effect (wrong bonus for the armour). Fixed an issue with Amulet of Zealot's prayer penalty. Fixed Rigour's prayer adjustment bonus. Max hit bonus should function accordingly. Fixed prayer adjustment values for Attack, Defence, Range, & Magic Accuracy formulas. Fixed Void bonuses with accuracy formulas. Rewrote the EffectiveLevel method (accuracy formula) with proper calculations/rounding. Rewrote the RangeMaxHit method with the proper calculations. Fixed magic spells with the wrong magic base-hit values. Fixed damage modifier for magic_dart's maxhit bonuses. Fixed arcane stream/blast/pulse necklace maxhit bonuses. Fixed god spell bonuses for maxhit calculations. Added Salve Amulet(e)'s maxhit bonus for magic. Added Black_Mask maxhit bonus for magic. Fixed teleblock time length for pvp. Fixed dds using 30% of special attacks. Increased default maximum follow distance to fix Godwars npc aggression. Fixed Player appearance and bonuses not resetting on death. Cooking skill has been completely rewritten with proper data/mechanics. Mining skill has been completely rewritten with proper data/mechanics. Gems, LRC, all objects added. Woodcutting skill has been completely rewritten with proper data/mechanics. Proper wait times. Birds nests. Adze. Firemaking skill has been completely rewritten with proper data/mechanics. Ashes. Timers. Castle Wars Minigame has been completely rewritten with proper data/mechanics. Catapult. Crumbling Walls. Barricades. Wall climbing. etc... New Quest Tab system. Old system completely removed. Player's will be given a new interface to view server statistics, personal statistics and more! Added quest points; We removed unnecessary and pointless quests. Prayer constants/configs/interface redone for the new prayer interface with bonus percentages. Added skill menu dialog to display skilling products with desired quantity amount to add into the Player's inventory. Ability to ex. cook 'x' amount you select. The following item's have had their special attacks adjusted and fixed accordingly: Dragon Dagger(s) special attack damage Dragon spear special attack GFX. Abyssal Whip special attack accuracy. Saradomin Sword special attack accuracy. Saradomin Sword special attack damage. Every Godsword's special attack accuracy. Every Godsword's special attack damage. Dragon mace special attack accuracy. Dragon scimitar special attack accuracy. Dragon longsword special attack accuracy. Dragon longsword special attack damage. Barrelchest Anchor special attack damage. The following NPC's have had their drop table rewritten/adjusted/fixed: Aberrant Spectre Abyssal Demon Aquanite Basilisk Black Demon Black Dragon Bloodveld Blue Dragon Bork Brine Rat Bronze Dragon Brutal Green Dragon Cave Bug Cave Crawler Cave Horror Cave Slime Cockatrice Commander Zilyana Corporeal Beast Crawling Hand Dagannoth Dagannoth Prime Dagannoth Rex Dagannoth Supreme Dark Beast Desert Strykewyrm Dust Devil Earth Warrior Elf Warrior Fever Spider Fire Giant Frost Dragon Gargoyle General Graardor Giant Bat Glacor Goblin Greater Demon Green Dragon Harpie Bug Swarm Hellhound Hobgoblin Ice Strykewyrm Infernal Mage Iron Dragon Jelly Jungle Strykewyrm Kalphite Guardian Kalphite Queen Kalphite Soldier Kalphite Worker Killerwatt King black dragon Kree'arra Kril tsutsaroth Kurask Lesser Demon Mithril Dragon Mogre Mutated jadinko Nechryael Nex Nomad Pest Queen Pyrefiend Rock Crab Rock Slug Skeletal Wyvern Skeleton Spirit Warrior Spiritual Mage Spiritual Ranger Steel Dragon Terror Dog Tormented Demon Turoth Waterfiend Wild Dog Yak Updated the texture system. Low definition/High definition Texture toggle. Fixed issue with HD minimap concerning wrong texture colors. Fixed an issue with lent items icon appearing behind items. Item information interface added. This will feature basic information on requirements, statistics and more. 667 skillcape customization "system" added w/ interface. This will allow player's to fully customize their max/completionist capes on Soulsplit. Boss instancing interface/system added. Players will now have the ability to instance specific bosses of their choice. Custom keybinds have been adjusted to a dropdown instead of input set previously. The ability to toggle "names" above a player/NPC has been added. High definition tile lighting has been added. Fixed 'Tile Overlays/underlays' colors. Issues concerning 'Depth Buffering' have been resolved. Model rendering improvements done. Fixed camera zoom. Discord rich presence added. Discord users will now display "playing Soulsplit" as a game. Fixed unlimited shops allowing items to be sold. Object animations memory leak fixed. Fixed player chat heads. Shops will now tell you when you do not have enough currency to buy an item. Low memory toggle added to the client. Fixed viewing angle issue with certain object types. Fixed TzHaar Fight Pits Lobby teleport. Varrock sewers npc spawns added w/ slayer tasks. Hand Cannon buff fixed. Removed the forced wilderness level defaulting to 4. Added game mode selection to tutorial, changed regular starter, add ironman starter. Fixed the skin tone offset issue around eyes/lips, fixed character creation model not updating. "::" won't dc you anymore Withdraw x added to banks. Drop table interface now supports searching for items. 667 Font system added. Players must have completed at least 5 Slayer tasks before starting to receive points. Added message to clarify. Emote tab was reworked. Added support for buying & selling 50 quantity with Shop items. Bank booths inside Edgeville bank have had their functionality fixed. Added support for withdrawing all but one option while banking. Last withdraw X value saves & updates on login if a valid input amount is saved. Support for withdrawing 'last withdraw x' amount whilst bank withdrawing. Spellbook filtering & spellbook sorting added. Object & Regional systems completely rewritten. Path-finding was completely rewritten: Player to Object Player to Player Player to Npc etc... Bank searching added. Vote Point Shop was reworked. Custom cursors from 667 added. Cleaned up useless npc spawns at home. Spirit Shield creation/combining fixed. Well of Goodwill was added to the server. Random events added for rewards. Money Pouch was added to the server/client. Ring of Wealth Plugin added. Features / Rub operations added. Currency collection added to drops. Fixed Falador mine ladders. Enabled run energy. More vote changes: Chance to receive barrows items on vote claim has been reduced. Dungeoneering Tokens removed from voting rewards. Added crystal and muddy key chests. Fixed some ground item issues that were reported during beta. Re-enabled support for mining living rock minerals. Fixed a bug causing Slayer partner code to interfere with Slayer assignment generating when speaking to Slayer masters. Well of Good Will will now activate when total gold threshold is met. Well donations are cleared after an event is generated to allow for more donations. Fixed lumby top level ladder. Ourg bones work on Altar now. Fixed poison orb persisting through logout. Crafting skill menu interface implemented for Gems. Crafting > Amulet Stringing done. Added better checking for determining if players are inside a game or lobby for Castle Wars. Removed legacy & boilerplate with old Castle Wars base. Update castle wars team ref attr when players enter and leave the activity. Equip/unequip safety checks to prevent players from removing their cloak in game. Send activity overlay upon sending players into the Castle Wars game & other minor tweaks to code. Announcement packet clears now. Lock XP added to Skill tab. Fixed wrong experience for manta_ray's when fishing. fixed wrong level req for rabbit cooking. Added missing ivy tree objects for woodcutting. Added lumberjack outfit bonus for woodcutting. Removed wrong Dungeoneering skillcape id from reqs. Fixed weird mining animation skipping. All fishing spots added/fishing fixed up. New emote tab added to the client/server. Castle Wars flag dropping & looting. Added base plugin for mining rocks within Castle Wars. Passing through barriers is now supported within Castle Wars. Runecrafting skill has been completely rewritten with proper data/mechanics.has been rewritten entirely. Players can now loot bandages from resource tables inside Castle Wars bases. A bug causing Barrows Brothers to occasionally spawn on unreachable tiles has been fixed. Lowered shadow sword alch to 25m. Death storage close button added. Added missing yew tree to data list. Added neitz bridge to be walkable. Removed random tormented demon from a wall in Fally. Void ranger helm set to mask, to fix model issue. Fixed totallevel announcement. Fixed Dungeoneering bind for primal plate body. Fix for itemOnObject bug for spirit shields. Mining base chance nerfed. Fixed continuation issue for spirit shields's statements. Lumby furnace added to smithing actions. Daily events system added. Every day has a unique events and weekends have rotating events. Daily events can be the following: Drop Rate increased by 10% Drop Rate increased by 15% Double Slayer Task Drops. Half Price Well of Good Will Double Experience Free Boss instances Double Vote Points Double PK points/EP Double Slayer Points Double Minigame Points No well of goodwill cool down Well of Good Will leaderboards / top donators added. Fixed being able to login when server is updating except for devs. Fixed extreme game mode reset option. Fixed doors not allowing you to go through. Fixed player-saving (rollback issue was fixed). Game object height support added. Alot of player saving shit was done to fix another rollback/logout issue. Updated emotes for the new emotes tab. Converted skilltab to Kotlin. Skill ids are now in "proper" order. Fixed regional objects being detected falsely as null. Fail-safe item definition decoding for level requirement. Added support for yoinking castle wars flag with respectfully considering inventory space in carrier. Added functionality to marking a target tile or target player within Castle Wars and ensuring it only gets applied to the corresponding team. Correct walk/run/idle animations whilst equipping Castle Wars flag. Ensures the captors items (wep/shield) are added to their inventory upon grabbing the flag. Fixed a bug causing Castle Wars UI to not update when expected. Fixed a logic issue with removing players from Castle Wars lobby area. Fixed pathing bugs with barriers in Castle Wars bases. Scoring function for Castle Wars added & fixed up removal of players from Castle Wars activity. Added support for claiming resources from the tables in Castle Wars bases. Barricades can be setup and block pathing as expected. Fixed capitalization for runecrafting messages. (OCD) 667 skilltab added to client Fixed issue with a stackable only having 1 not drawing the amount Fixed item on object. Fixed large quest tab announcement. Fixed crafting oof with amounts. Fixed colors on Castle Wars UI. Ensures that players equipment is updated/reset when scoring in castle wars. Fixed logic error with barricades in Castle Wars. Fixed Aubury teleport options. (Can't teleport to the essence mine anymore if you haven't completed the quest). Fixed hint dialogue in Rune Mysteries quest. Aubury rune store added. Started on updating skill menus (not done). Essence Mining plugin written. Floor fix for low memory. New cities on teleport. New books teleports enabled by default. New Magebook w/ sorting added. New teleport interface added. Wilderness Changes: Tiger sharks restricted from being used in the wilderness. Added revenant/slayer npc spawns to revenant cave. Randomized revenant spawns removed from the wilderness. Arzinian Avatar's have been removed from the wilderness. If you're not risking at least 250,000, you do not grant pkp (both players need to risk 250k). Bonus pk points are awarded every 10 wilderness levels, starting at level 20. PKP points reworked to 1 point per kill: Bonus pk points is granted for killing different gamemodes. Bonus points for killing other players in multi-combat wilderness zones. Bonus points for combat level differences. Checks for easy kills added. (Say no to drugs and pkp farming). Added 3 bonus pkp points for killing bounty hunter target. Bonus point per kill if you have a donation status. Completionist Cape Changes: If you are a Sir Mode you need 400 kills. If you are a Lord Mode you need 300 kills. If you are a Legend Mode you need 200 kills. If you are a Extreme Mode you need 100 kills. Instanced bossing system was added. Fixed cleaning XP for herblore. Removes research notes after the completion of the quest Rune Mysteries. Fixed spirit shield d000p when attaching sigil. Fixed game object 1 persisting as valid placed obj Fix for unlimited woodcutting added. *oof* Pre-400 cache system completely removed. Onion, Cabbage, Wheat, Potato, Flax picking added. Added chance for Flax to not be 1:1 on pick. Removed lost city requirement from Korasi Sword. RFD teleports you back to Lumbridge now instead of to Falador. You can no longer wear barrows gloves with out finishing the RFD quest. Nex Entrance object fixed. Soulwars teleportation portal functionality added. Reduced slayer task amount for metal dragons. Fixed nietz fishing spots. Added lumbridge range to id list for cooking. GWD prayer altars added. Added ability to fill buckets in fountains. Added ctrl+h functionality back to teleport home. Fixed a bug causing PlayerDeathEvent to be submitted multiple times. Added the ability to loot a bird's nest. Added tzhaar mining, smithing, and cooking functionalities. Hill Giants Training area; mining rocks added. Gold rocks in Karamja Volcano dungeon fixed. Added the missing id's for rocks in the mining guild. Moved to GitHub; repository structures completely redone. Fixed a bug with 'burn a fish' achievement not processing. Tormented Demon's combat rewritten. (Transforming fixed as well) Pre 400 map index removed. Forced movement update mask fixed. Nex combat script written (scrapped old, incomplete nex, for Hank's big boi nex). Agility System has been written; with proper force movements. (Old junk scrapped) Removed max zoom in offset for the site. Gnome agility course added. Farming skill has been fixed. Corrected Slayer level requirement on Crawling Hands. Dragon Dagger(p) and (p+) now have their respective special & drain special energy. More to come Will continue to update this thread until August 5th. SoulSplit Development Team
  17. Greetings! Today we have a rather interesting staff update. In an effort to recycle out inactive staff and open opportunities for concurrent/future member's of Soulsplit, I have decided to go through with the following changes; @Liquid Flame has been promoted to SoulSplit Moderator @Timebrawler has been promoted to Forum Moderator @Luke has been demoted [Reason: Inactivity] @rsps st0ry has been demoted [Reason: Inactivity] @Masterwolf has been demoted [Reason: Inactivity] @007 has been demoted [Reason: Inactivity] @gammawrecked has been demoted [Reason: Inactivity] I would like to extend a thank you on behalf of management for the time and effort's these individuals devoted towards Soulsplit and it's unique journey! Good luck with future endeavors Welcome to the new (and coming back) members! Kind regards, Soulsplit Administration
  18. The logo is now clickable on the forum and will redirect you back to the main forum page Users may now hide their posts, useful for when you post before you're done, miss post, etc Removed/hid some sections such as reports. You'll be able to report players and staff on the support page. Added Media sections for Soulsplit/Soulspawn and Alotic That's all for right now. Expect some similar small changes in the next few days Thanks, Soulsplit Administration