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  1. Yikes Been a rough one I guess...
  2. Nice @Cozy and bye from me too even though no one bothered to say anything
  3. Welcome back to the community
  4. Looking good guys, appreciate all the hard work you're all putting in!
  5. Personally I'd like one but it isn't my decision.
  6. Congratulations to you both
  7. Good stuff reaper! Keeping them flying in thanks for your continuous improvements to the game and efforts to always make it better!
  8. On soulsplit your not making pouches for xp. You’re clicking on your charms and using them on an obelisk. It’s a whole different calculation from what rs3 is entirely. You pick your game mode and can always change it if you feel it’s too much of a grind. I don’t agree with buffing summoning.
  9. I’m hoping your issue is resolved and if it isn’t please get around to private messaging myself or another staff member in discord or on here. We will gladly assist. Locking this topic as it’s old and is showing no sign of any attention at all. Locked.
  10. Couchy

    auto page type

    Don’t support this. It will just increase spamming of other natures instead of it being used for actual ingame activity.
  11. I like the nostalgia that soulsplit has always had and it’s nice to see things sticking to their roots. I do also agree that things will get tiring fast and very repetitive. Adding new content will always be a good thing but it does also need to be thought about completely before going straight into it. I think it’s up to the players more than it’s up to the owners. It needs to be polled.
  12. Another great push in a good direction. Nice work as always! Keep on top of it!
  13. Couchy

    Hi cunts

    As much of a nice person I knew you used to be back in the day there’s no reason for you to come and introduce yourself in that way whatsoever.
  14. Question answered. If you feel like you need more detail or confirmation on this please private message a member of the staff team or make another topic. Thank you. Locked.