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  1. prayer, summoning, attack, def, str, hp, range, mage are all too op for pvp
  2. Faust

    OSRS Content

    its not 2013 anymore where soulsplit had the most content out of anyone, people will join and see that there is nothing that's hard to pvm besides nex and corp and most likely quit
  3. Faust

    OSRS Content

    I know that you want to keep the server as pre-eoc as possible, but Alotic will be for that. I feel like there isn't enough end-game content, Corp and Nex get tiring after a while, and they are the only "Hard" bosses to kill, would be cool if you guys added things like Inferno, Vorkath, Zulrah, Lizard Shamans, Raids 1 and 2. It would just make up a lot of variety, and after adding those things you could start working on your own content, but it would be really healthy for the life of the server, and would make competing with other servers a lot easier, since people absolutely LOVE OSRS content.
  4. Yo, I remember you from OS-RSPS days back when me, u, Jiglojay, all did slayer together n streamed n shit, I think I went under the name X54, if you don't remember me, that's fine, good to see you back
  5. So I was looking at Rebirth's wiki copy-pasted guides, and wanted to make a correct Thieving guide since people are getting mislead and wasting a lot of time and effort. 1-99 Thieving Teleport to Ardougne using the City Teleport 1-13 Cake Stall in Ardougne Teleport to Draynor using the City Teleport 13-83 Seed Stall in Draynor Teleport to Rock Crabs using the Training Teleport and run South 83-99 Fish Stall at Rock Crabs Simple as that, takes around 5 hours +- to go from 1-99 as Extreme, which can get you around 50M-60M GP. ++
  6. +1 to buff boss drop tables, atleast until the eco settles in, but a little bit of an over exaggeration on the fish stalls, you don't get 3-5m in 10 mins.