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  1. Congratulations @Liquid Flame been seeing you on a ton and working hard, well deserved promotion! @Its Mo I've also seen you helping a ton! Hopefully it translates well into your new found moderator position! Keep up the good work you guys
  2. They were one of the BIS head slot items for pures. I highly doubt any "special" effect will be added with them.
  3. Zach

    Signature wanted!

    What are you looking for, might just make you one when I get free time.
  4. Your Grand Exchange looks amazing Edu, great work! We never doubted ya
  5. Unfortunate but needed, hope to still see you around Allen.
  6. I agree with your point, you should be able to sell in the "help cc" at least until the Grand Exchange is released.
  7. Heya I was Mistuko on Alotic, nice to see ya back You should apply to beta test.
  8. Congratulations guys, don't work your fingers too hard
  9. PM a Manager or Reaper/Crux on forums/Discord and they'll get you figured out. Thanks for the updates guys! GW
  10. If your client was stuck yesterday, DOWNLOAD THE NEW CLIENT, it should have fixed it!

  11. So then make an account build that you'd like to PK on? I'd support negative xp lamps down to a certain amount (so for example one couldn't just go back to 1 defense if they were 99, but they could go back to 1 defense if they were say 45) as long as they have a hefty price tag
  12. welcome back man, nice to see you again
  13. wanted gucci on my buckle so i had to hustle 

  14. Zach


    Welcome back, nice to see some familiar faces around here again