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  1. Wow Erza you're the best
  2. Hello, Today we have decided to promote one of our staff members! Please congratulate our newest Moderator. @Cozy has been promoted to SoulSplit Moderator We would like to start looking at applications following the opening of the Alotic beta, which has no disclosed date at of yet. If you're interested in applying, please do so here! Kind regards, Soulsplit Administration
  3. Father


    I love this show! I haven't finished it myself, I'm like on Season 3.
  4. I don't wear vans with all of my outfits.

    1. Cozy


      shots fired ok I see you.

    2. Its Mo

      Its Mo

      You Smell

  5. Hello, Erza! Welcome back to the team! I look forward to having you here. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to submit a ticket.
  6. You were made a king, but she ain't the queen for you. @Day

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    2. Its Mo

      Its Mo

      You Smell.

    3. Julia
    4. xLewiss


      Chris have you changed since I’ve been gone??

  7. Looking pretty darn great. Wonderful updates, team!
  8. Wonderful updates, Edu! Keep up the amazing work! You're doing an awesome job.
  9. You know what number I love specifically? 37. I hope no one ever changes the specific number of 37 that I love so dearly.

  10. Congratulations. Well-deserved to both! Do us proud.
  11. Yoo, Dev! It's Occur.
  12. Thank you for your suggestion! As the rulebook states, I don't believe I need to specify the sort of bug that is being abused. As this essentially covers all sorts of bugs, I went ahead and added a section into the infraction guide that entails safe-spotting an NPC that is otherwise not as something that will carry a consequence. As for the Help cc: We're going to allow trading/selling, and if it becomes a bigger issue than what it is (I don't think it's much of an issue right now?) Then we can see what we could do about it. I'll have rule-changes whenever they're changed to be added into the Server Update thread towards the bottom. Again, thank you for the suggestion. I've added safe-spotting as a consequence into the Infraction Guide (which basically translates the rule book by being more specific.) If it becomes an issue then I will add a subsection within the Bug Abuse rule detailing this. Closed as the suggestion has been implemented. Any further suggestions, concerns - Feel free to private message me, or if you believe it requires a communities input as a whole: Feel free to create another thread.