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  1. Server crashed, waiting for Reaper to fix it.
  2. What? No one gave up on SoulSplit. There's only one developer for Alotic which is Edu. They aren't starting another project when this was being working on for almost two months now Alotic? It's not out yet as for SoulSplit they did mention it would be back online once Reaper is home.
  3. Day

    Damn it.

    welcome back!
  4. great forums update!
  5. congrats to the boy cozy!
  6. I personally don’t like the idea of “double exp on weekends” as that kills the game fast. I would love to see OSRS content on SS. The first suggestion seems more of a bug instead of a suggestion lol but yes.
  7. Suggestion 1, it isn't a good thing to have. No point in having the entire discord on forums when most of the time it might take longer for forums to load up and people normally have the discord app on their phones and wouldn't bother coming to forums. Right now how the Discord chat box is, is perfectly fine. Suggestion 2, i personally don't mind to have. I know most forums do have that. Suggestion 3, it's already set by who ranks over who. Suggestion 4, i don't think there's a need for this since a person can easily message a staff member on forums instead of looking for their discord tag or they can @ them on discord with the @Managers etc. Suggestion 5, what do you mean by this? Are you suggestion in-game time on forums or how long the server has been up after an update? We already have a "Server Online". Suggestion 6, i would like to have this back but it was removed for some reason. Suggestion 7, would like to see PVP, PVM, and Skilling userbars as for Wiki and Newspaper I'm assuming that it'll come later as the community grows. Ex-Staff right now is being used as the "Veterans" and it's for those who left on good terms. Most likely won't add "Ex-Staff" to the legend because it'll just look all cluttered that's why the "Website Developer" and "Event Manager" were removed from there. The developer rank is being used for all developers including Website devs. Suggestion 8, I think the logo was removed when Erza was working on the themes for each server but yes i would actually like to have them back on the mobile version of the forums. Suggestion 9, i dont think this is worth doing it just sound like a lazy person lol but i guess Suggestion 10, would like to have this as it creates somewhat forum activity.
  8. For right now we have a discord shoutbox on forums located at the bottom right corner, you don't have to join the discord to talk in it. It's guest friendly. We won't have the traditional ShoutBox that was on SoulSplit back in the days for now as it does have tons of exploits. /closed
  9. Day


    i’ve heard about it but i haven’t watched it yet