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  1. So that basically means that you are giving up on Soulsplit?
  2. Pretty sure it was the same back in SS2. The grind was real. I do not support idea of increased xp.
  3. No perks at all for combat skills, thats my idea. The non combat perks are ok, but also not really necessary. You get the 200m xp cape, which shows that you have achieved something.
  4. I agree. I support the ones for non combat skills, but these skills would not be good for pvp.
  5. Nice guide! Will be helpful for new players.
  6. Voted But to be honest any of these content would be awesome!
  7. Statius GF

    Small sale

    Selling these items: PM me here on forums if you are interested.
  8. That's true, I support your idea
  9. I support! This could also be a good way
  10. Great progress. Exicted to play Alotic on release!