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  1. staff list has been updated


    you can now click on the usernames and it will now direct you to their forum profile

  2. Soulsplit Staff List is done :3

    ( view the full status to see the link or go to knowledge base section )



  3. Actually this is how the xp has always been even back in original ss2 and i believe it will stay this way permanently. I personally feel the xp for ext is perfect tbh, makes it really feel like a grind
  4. Very nice progress guys I look forward to seeing how the release goes
  5. Congratulations to the both of you, i look forward to working with you guys and getting to know ya
  6. Thank you for this man i will be adding this to my ss support thread I've been working on, will be sure to give you credit ^-^
  7. heckin nub '-' i bans you now >.< jk enjoy your stay don't annoy me too much imma be a pvmer / skiller so you'll see me around :3
  8. Username: Crux Timezone: -5 Ingame Name: Crux Ingame Crown: Username: Reaper Timezone: -5 Ingame Name: Reaper Ingame Crown: Username: Fahq Timezone: -5 Ingame Name: Fahq Ingame Crown: Username: Klepto Timezone: +3 Ingame Name: kLeptO Ingame Crown: Username: Og KingFox Timezone: -5 Ingame Name: Og KingFox Ingame Crown: Username: Zero Timezone: -5 Ingame Name: Zero Ingame Crown: Username: Caliphate Timezone: +5 Ingame name: Caliphate Ingame Crown: Username: Xlewiss Timezone: +1 Ingame Name: Xlewiss Ingame Crown: There are currently no Forum Administrators at this time. Username: Liquid Flame Timezone: -8 Ingame name: Liquid Flame Ingame Crown: There are currently no Event Managers at this time. Username: Age Timezone: -6 Ingame name: Age Ingame Crown: Username: Cat Timezone: -6 Ingame Name: Cat Ingame Crown: Username: Heavyballz Timezone: -5 Ingame Name: Heavyballz Ingame Crown: Username: Its Mo Timezone: +1 Ingame name: Its Mo Ingame Crown: Username: Timebrawler Timezone: -6 Ingame Name: Timebrawler Ingame Crown: Username: Couchy Timezone: +1 Ingame name: Couchy Ingame Crown: Username: Cozy Timezone: -5 Ingame Name: Cozy Ingame Crown: There are currently no Jr. Forum Moderators at this time
  9. Henlo there '-' welcome back hope you enjoy your stay
  10. Much hype big wow very heck owo
  11. Oh oki long as you're honest :3
  12. Wtf do you want noob '-'
  13. Timebrawler


    welcome new peep!! or is it old peep? anyways I'm timebrawler i is a pvmer / skiller so you'll see me around when we go live ^-^