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  1. Buying a total of 488 frost bones for 325k each of 160m in total! :)
  2. The updates keep rolling in, it's nice to see such long lists too! Great work dev team:)
  3. Glad to see you back Cat! See you at release:)
  4. JjBlackMagic

    Hello :)

    Welcome back to SS man, cant wait for launch! See you in game hopefully:)
  5. JjBlackMagic


    Welcome back man, hope to see you at launch! Also how long ago did you play?
  6. JjBlackMagic

    I'm back

    Welcome back 007 glad to see ya return
  7. JjBlackMagic


    Welcome back to SS Eira see you around after the launch:)
  8. JjBlackMagic


    Welcome back hope to see you at release Gabriel:)
  9. I've been counting down the days, cant wait for the release!
  10. Congrats to everyone promoted, glad to see you back Timebrawler:)
  11. Welcome Dominick I hope to see you at release!
  12. JjBlackMagic

    Hey all.

    Welcome back to the community hope to see you on SS:)
  13. JjBlackMagic


    Welcome Cozy, glad to see so many new players coming over I’ll primarily be on soulsplit so I hope to see you at release!
  14. Congrats to everyone who was promoted I can’t wait to see the direction this team will take Alotic, best of luck:)
  15. JjBlackMagic


    Welcome to ss hope to see you at release!