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  1. This game is finished. Just leave.
  2. The game is finished mate. Dont bother
  3. Congratulations to the promotions
  4. I've always said in order to stay amongst the top servers we need to keep up to date with new content, I'm sure in the future they will come up with polls for what the community wants. I'm all in for OSRS content.
  5. Amazing updates guys, Keep up the amazing work
  6. Its raining updates amazing work guys
  7. Amazing work guys, Keep grinding out those updates and we will be very successful
  8. Didn't Extreme mode before have unlimited prayer? I haven't personally tested it out yet but as it stands it is 50% drain decrease which I think is efficient enough for the gamemode you don't want to make the game too easy.
  9. Amazing work development team
  10. Alex


    Welcome to the community!
  11. Thanks for the updates