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  1. Good work Fox! Keep up all the efforts
  2. Great work Edu cant wait for this
  3. After reading @makkam's idea then i see no reason for any 200m skillcape to have a perk. If anything add them to 99 capes so that the perks can be used. You wont be skilling at 200m exp you'll literally be showing off the cape is all
  4. I dont think they need any necessary upgrades to provide any advantages
  5. I support the overall concept of 200m bonuses, however I think we really need to take a look at this thoroughly and then poll the capes per skill. For example, RC creating its own rune, fishing with a shark thats basically, item protect prayer and similarly herblore. These are still op and a long way off being anywhere near what I believe will actually come into game. If this is coming into the game. We need an overall community session to guide our way to non op, over the top perks. I also believe that you should not be able to use ANY of these capes for PvP the overall advantage over people without 200m would be huge. And this therefore would create such a lack of PvP because it would be unfair.
  6. Voted! Good work guys looking gorwsrd to it all
  7. 007

    auto page type

    Support. Been around other games for a long time no need for us not to
  8. I have to agree with this, lowering should be fine with stats if your a pure 1 def and accidentally hit a 30 on def or something you should be able to reduce level only fair.
  9. I cant not argue with new content being added, but like Couchy has said developers have an idea where they want to go and we also have an idea so some things should be polled
  10. More good work devs! Keep it going.
  11. Keep pushing these out guys! More great work
  12. not going to happen, the passwords are long and need that for your security. whats so hard about putting a capital at the end and maybe a ! at the end? If this is all that takes you to quit, then goodluck.
  13. Good work Devs, the agility grind continues