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  1. Congratulations on the promotions guys. Congrats Time on the change of rank mate.
  2. Fantastic updates. Thank you to the entire development team for your continued dedication.
  3. Nice account so far man, keep it up!
  4. Yo Fireman, seen you in-game! welcome to Soulsplit
  5. Welcome back to Soulsplit man
  6. Conor

    Im Ryu

    Welcome to Soulsplit mate!
  7. Conor


    Hey, welcome to Soulsplit!
  8. Conor


    Welcome to Soulsplit mate
  9. That’s some talent you’ve got mate. Hopefully the shop reopens soon so I can request one!
  10. Welcome back mate, good luck with the goals!
  11. Conor


    Hey mate, welcome to Soulsplit
  12. Conor


    Welcome back Jens, best of luck on the max cape, sure we'll cross paths during the grind!
  13. Happy belated birthday man, hope you had a great day!