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  1. yea charizard helper guy that diced, welcome bud
  2. Looks great Edu! For barbarian fishing, will there be barehanded fishing as well?
  3. To be blunt, a lot of these make no sense and seem rather pointless. You need suggest realistic stuff. What would be the point of mining ores when you're already 200m mining? A better suggestion would be to add perks to non-combat skillcapes for 99 because the whole point of the 200m cape is to show you completed the skill.
  4. It's not really the xp that needs to be buffed, it's more like how often you get them from NPCs, which is too low imo. The drop rates of charms is what should be buffed, or at least make certain monsters have a have chance of dropping a certain charm frequently.
  5. oh wow man good luck, especially on extreme rooting for u bud
  6. Message Caliphate on here or discord (Caliphate#3930).
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    hey buddy