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  1. Greetings SoulSplit community! ANOTHER update thread?! This is our LARGEST update patch to-date and we hope you enjoy it! NPC Drop Tables: the following npc's have had their drop-tables completely re-done this patch: (to see the previous additions, check previous update threads) Glacors Dark Beasts Desert Strykewyrms Dust Devil's Earth Warriors Elf Warriors Fever Spiders Fire Giants Frost Dragons Gargoyles General Graador Goblins Greater Demons Green Dragons Harpie Bug Swarm Wild Dogs Slayer Tasks List: Slayer tasks were written completely from scratch, to work with the proper npcs and the alternative npcs that should go with their task families. Slayer task hints were added to include location information for all slayer tasks as well. ( 2,400 lines of data ) Cows Bats Banshees Aberrant spectres Abyssal demons Basilisks Bears Black demons Black dragons Bloodveld Blue dragons Brine rats Bronze dragons Cave bugs Cave crawlers Cave horrors Cave slimes Cockatrices Crawling hands Crocodiles Cyclops Dagannoths Dark beasts Desert lizards Dust devils Desert strykewyrms Earth warriors Elf warriors Fever spiders Fire giants Gargoyles Ghosts Goblins Greater demons Green dragons Harpie bug swarms Hellhounds Hill giants Hobgoblins Icefiends Ice giants Ice warriors Infernal mages Iron dragons Jellies Kalphites Killerwatts Kurasks Lesser demons Mithril dragons Monkeys Moss giants Nechryaels Otherworldly beings Pyrefiends Rats Red dragons Rockslugs Scorpions Spiritual mages Spiritual rangers Spiritual warriors Skeletons Steel dragons Terror dogs Trolls Turoths Vampyres Wall beasts Waterfiends Werewolfs Zombies Server: Ironman Mode To create an Ironman account, select it from the 'advanced mode' drop-down when you first create your account. Existing accounts are not eligible to be Ironman. Restrictions: No player-to-player trades No Grand Exchange trades No picking up drops from other players No Lootshare No XP or loot in PvP No multiplayer minigames Dungeoneering is solo only No Social Slayer Ironman accounts come with titles and chat badges to show off their prestigious status, and there are Ironman hiscores to compete on. The real reward, though, is knowing that every hard-won victory is yours alone. Hardcore Ironman Players take the challenge one step further: all the restrictions of an Ironman account…with permanent death. If you die in Hardcore Ironman mode, that's it. Your account will no longer be playable, and all gear, items, money and currency - will be gone for good. Note that 'Safe' activities carry no risk of permanent death. Hardcore Ironman players can purchase two extra lives from Mr Ex in Edgeville: one at total level 1000, and another at 1600. The first costs 100,000 coins, and the second 10 million. Once these two extra lives have been purchased, you can't get any more for that account. This is an optional safety net, in case you want to protect your investment in your Hardcore character while keeping death dangerous. Mr Ex can sell you a jar of divine light, which will change a Hardcore Ironman character to an Ironman character. Note that all changes are irreversible. Finally, please note that SoulSplit will not reverse the death of a Hardcore Ironman character for any reason - even in the event of connection issues, or account hijacking. Drop Rate Increase Rates Modified: Donator Status: 3% addition to any game-mode. Ring of Wealth: Wearing a ring of wealth as a member: 7% Wearing a ring of wealth as a non-member: 5% Extreme Mode: 18% -> 10% Legends: 12% -> 5% Lord: 8% -> 0% Sir: 5% -> 0% Slayer was completely re-written: Task Generation and assigning was completed. Added support for defining slayer tasks for specific masters. Added combat level & slayer level checking to each slayer master. Added slayer masters to their proper spawn points. Added task assigning based on Player slayer level & task master assigning task. Added data displaying to the task panel on Slayer rewards interface. Added blocking/canceling abilities for slayer tasks. Added slayer task weighting into consideration when assigning a task. Slayer gem support added. Slayer ring 'kills-left' option displays your task progress. Assembling & disassembling Slayer helmet and Full slayer helmet is now supported. Added a check to see if the Player lacks the knowledge to craft a slayer helmet. Increased default maximum follow distance to fix Godwars npc aggression. Ring of kinship destroys upon being dropped. TzHaar Fight Pits Lobby teleport now works -> You can now access the mini-game. Varrock Sewers now have FULL npc spawns. Fishing Skill was converted to our event plugin system. Fixed wilderness coal ores. Fixed several clay mining spots. Removed the forced wilderness level defaulting to 4. Hand-Cannon formula changed: Previously, if you had 99 fire-making, you had an average of 38 shots before it would explode. Now, between level 61 - 98, you have an average of 200-300 shots before the hand-cannon explodes. Level 99, you have an average of 400 shots before the hand-cannon explodes. Fixed wrong item id for black d'hide vampraces drops. Fixed diagonal npc interaction sometimes not triggering. Fixed clan setup interface. Fixed several line of sight issues safe spots with big npcs All fairy rings now work with a dramen staff, you will be transported to Zanaris. Proper interface to come soon™ with actual locations Client: Fixed the white sprite background issue. Fixed mouse clicking and right clicking when using java versions >8. Added 2011 font faces, discarded all old ones. Added multi-crown support. All crowns you have access to will be shown (membership and staff or ironman and staff, for example) Right clicking near the world map/SoulSplit extras orb will no longer eat your context menu Loader: Loaders can now run more than one client, apologies, this was an oversight and was not intentional. Log files now contain more metadata (timestamps, uniqueness) The loader has been optimized to no longer download a launcher every load Best regards, SoulSplit Administration team.
  2. Greetings SoulSplit community! Again... as I said, another patch. Getting closer and closer to squashing all of these issues. New content soon™! Client: Fixed human NPCs Fixed chat heads Fixed darker skin tones having light skin around their eyes and mouth Launcher: Fixed an internal issue with the update server appending empty chunks to be sent to the client Fixed another memory consumption issue on lower end machines Fixed issue causing players to re-download the entire cache each launch (this will cause everyone to need a cache update after this update) We have added an update server in Canada Server Fixed an overlooked issue with PKP not being received. Should be all good now Fixed all the regressions that occurred with yesterdays patch (summoning, herblore, withdraw/deposit issues, etc) Known issue with finished potions and decanting, please don't report these Granite maul special attack has been tweaked and should be instant now Fixed an issue with the Barbarian Agility course Fixed glory teleporting up to level 30 wilderness Maxed account message will now occur on the proper level (previous was 1 behind) Fixed prayer alter in the Wilderness Fixed the rope in the Wilderness chaos tunnel Taverly dungeon blue dragon agility shortcut now requires 70 Agility, previously 80 Fixed Wilderness avatar Slayer task Fixed using melee on the Pest Control portals Fixed the range in Edgeville Fixed the rope swing at the Wilderness Agility course Fixed the doors from Lumbridge to Al-Kharid A 10 second delay has been added to all yell chats (except staff) The accuracy of the Dragon dagger special attack has been increased by 10% Fixed bind, snare and entangle freeze times Fixed freeze times for Ice blitz, rush and barrage Fixed several more broken objects Fixed Wilderness obelisks Added a banker to Shilo village Fixed rapid restore, heal and renewal Fixed berserker curse Fixed stat restore time when potted (stats will decrement by 1 every minute, Berserker extends this time by 15%) Best regards, SoulSplit Administration team
  3. Greetings SoulSplit community! As I said yesterday, another patch today. We are working as fast as we can to get these bugs squashed. We can't wait to move on to content. Expect another patch soon! World 3: World 3, the Members world, is now back online Client: Fixed bugged texture at the Dramen tree Color selector for fog has been added Female firecape model has been fixed Fixed hover close icon on client response messages Launcher: Added support for parallel updating (fetching from more than one update server at a time). This will be enabled by default and we will be adding more update servers in more regions as time goes on Fixed more repository issues to help alleviate the resource consumption on lower end systems Potentially fixed going over 100% bug that occurred with several players Server 'Pound' fight style now gives strength exp instead of attack exp. Added Recipe for Disaster portal in Lumbridge castle Login server has received some performance improvements Falador mine stairs now work Fix sometimes un-walkable tiles entrance of some door ways when door opened Fix doors potentially opening a clone of itself (one open, one closed) effectively breaking the door Fixed some broken Willow trees PK points will now be awarded for kills Fixed broken Castle Wars objects Fixed a ton of more doors/ladders that were not working Removed team slayer point shop to reduce confusion on slayer point shops (also we don't support it anymore) Fixed a bug making Farming trees not harvestable Anti splashing mechanic, after 100 consecutive splashes you will be idle logged NPCs will now retreat when dragged too far away from their spawn Fixed a bug causing players to not receive their staked items upon disconnecting during duel confirmation. Fixed an issue with one of the Slayer point shops not taking away currency Fixed staircase in ancient cavern leading to broken area Fixed a bug causing Lost City to be un-completable Fixed a bug with players standing underneath aggressive npcs trolling the aggressor Removed broken NPCs from the Wilderness Logout nulling issue has been fixed (we think, this was a fairly big rewrite, I wasn't able to replicate it anymore) Route finding has been mostly rewritten. We tried to tackle the most important parts of it first, if there are still issues please send us videos/gifs of how you are breaking route finding and we will get it fixed ASAP Best regards, SoulSplit Administration team
  4. Greetings SoulSplit community! We have been working diligently to get all of these fixes out as soon as possible. We are aware of the abundant amount of issues. Expect another patch tomorrow. Anywho, right into the patch notes Client: You should no longer crash when you enter the wilderness dungeon The quest tab has been prettified, we will continue working on its functionality Fixed a bug in which NPC bankers would 'glide' instead of walk Bank deposit and withdraw buttons now give feedback when clicked Added middle mouse camera movement toggle Pest control interface has been fixed resizable mode Fixed several textures Space bar spamming is no longer possible when in dialogue Fixed several invisible objects Fixed viewing diameters on large objects Fixed a bug with quick prayers not activating until you relog Fixed a bug with the scrollbar going off screen Added reset_settings console command which changes your client configurations back to default Launcher: Fixed an issue with the local repository eating memory Fixed updating issues. The launcher should now work for a wider demographic Server: Added ::empty command for members+ Fixed a bug which would not allow RFD gloves to be purchased even if the quest was complete Fixed a bug which would allow non extreme players to smuggle and wear the Sir Owens Longsword Box Baubles have been fixed (they are now Herb boxes) Fixed a bug not allowing players to spend Slayer points in some shops Hans has been added to every home and will show you your playtime Fixed a bug with the Baker Stall giving an excessive amount of coins Fixed null drops in Corporal Beast drop table Added clay rocks to the Varrock and Crafting guild mines Fixed a bug causing some hits to be delayed by a full tick sometimes Players can now obtain Verac's plateskirt from Voting. This was not possible before Fixed a bug which caused some doors and ladders to disconnect you Fixed some broken prayer altars around the world Depositing large sums of items into the bank will not delete the item should it overflow Transferring items between containers should no longer delete the item should it overflow. Fixed a ton of broken objects (far to many to list here) The members cave is now accessible on Neitznot Your friends list should no longer reset at random Fixed an issue with the login server not respecting peoples online/offline privacy Fixed an issue with the login server not correctly logging people into a world socially (friends list etc) Fixed an issue with the login server not sending private messages to players who are online Quests that show as completed but do not act as completed have been fixed A bug with Rune Mysteries that causes the quest to be completely unusable has been fixed. If this bug happened to your account you will need to restart the quest the next time you login Accounts that were not able to login prior to this update have been fixed. Your account may still be reset, if this is the case please make a ticket @ to get that resolved Best regards, SoulSplit Administration team