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  1. Congrats buddy, well deserved promotion.
  2. For the 4th one I wouldn't want my discord posted all over the forums as anonymous users can see it too I'm going to assume, I don't mind being contacted over discord through our discord by PMing me but them adding me is a no I won't be accepting random people so not sure if this is actually necessary. Just my opinion on it anyways, the other suggestions are all down to you guys though.
  3. Looks good, really cool updates.
  4. xLewiss

    Please follow me!!

    Followed you nerd!
  5. Keep up the hard work buddy, looking great.
  6. Great update fellas, keep up the hard work.
  7. xLewiss

    Hey guys <3

    Welcome, hope you enjoy your stay.
  8. Hey man, long time no see I remember the name.
  9. Wowe jad looking cool asf. Slayer dungeon will be really cool, can’t wait to check that out. Can’t wait
  10. I don’t agree with a buff as you decide your game mode and are aware of the xp rates if not you can always change your mode. Making it easier for extremes will take the grind away, you can also buy lamps at castle wars or soul wars and lamp hard stats.
  11. Sorry it took so long to answer, your question may have already been answered in-game. Member tasks are being removed from non-members, this will prevent you getting these kind of tasks. If you still manage to get a task like this report it HERE.
  12. Ohhh can't wait for any of these, looks cool asf. I voted but I wouldn't mind any to be honest.
  13. Good stuff man, can’t wait to try out Alotic again.