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  1. Hey Virus! Glad to see you and your wonderful beard here
  2. Below are some updates that have been implemented over the time that I have been here and some before I resurfaced 2 new themes: SoulSpawn and Alotic - Each theme has its own set of colors - Each theme has its own logo and soon its own favicon - Can freely choose between any theme at any given time - New functionality for these themes will come at a later date Group Legend reorganized + main directory directed to /staff since it's main functionality is broke (It's the plugin, not the software) Patched A LOT of white interfaces, you can check media below for an idea Fixed functionality for the mobile burger menu Redid overall mobile/tablet/laptop responsiveness Fixed the logo stretching the screen out/going out of bounds/past the mobile/tablet width Removed the logo from mobile view Installed a category tab view in which you can choose between which section you want to view specifically Fixed the award interface styling Patched quotes and thread embedding display/styling Rearranged the title and group rank in posts (check below for media for before and after) Added "Contact Method" to profiles so players and staff-alike can choose how someone can contact them, completely optional Reimplemented Top Posters and Recent Posts Implemented a new plugin so guests/users can chat on Discord from the forums through the Discord application in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen Patched quite a bit of input fields that would you otherwise couldn't see what you were writing unless you highlighted (fixed all input fields) Reimplemented the top breadcrumb for convenience/easier navigation when on mobile or general usage Reimplemented section icons for sections that do not use any icons (blank spaces before as shown below) Reorganized how Staff Online shows - before it just had shown the username and in an unorganized fashion - as well as restylized the overall look of the plugin to suit a more professional/clean apperance New Topics now display where the newest topic is on top rather than the most updated one on the sidebar There's a good chance I probably missed a few updates as you can see, this is pretty significant already so forgive me if I missed something For those wondering, you can choose between themes at the bottom of the forums Media
  3. We'll most likely just keep the way it is now (the Discord in the bottom right and being able to speak in it from there.) Unless I get a plugin that works properly with this, it's most likely not going to happen. Already a thing Possible Fox/Hank/Crux would have to get together to make something like this as it obviously involves connecting the game server's time. Possible I'll see what I can do about getting this things situated but at the same time we need new userbars so this will be a infliction for the time being I was told to remove the logo on mobile but I'll ask the Exec's if they want it on. You can just close the navbar that you clicked by clicking it again, the logo doesn't seem like a really big deal and it'd be more of an inconvenience to remove it than leaving it imo. Possible
  4. Hiya! My name is Erza and I used to be the Forum Administrator for SoulSplit back in April. During this time, I pretty much did the exact thing that I'm doing now which is overall forum moderation/administration and theme development. I am pretty chill to talk to just don't message me every second of every day please. Some of my hobbies include League of Legends, Destiny 2 (Have since stopped playing for a little bit until Shadowkeep,) Teamfight Tactics. No, I don't really play any of the Jagex games nor any RSPS'. My preferred game is Runescape 3 but at this time I've halted any progression as I'm trying to renew my passion for it. Sometimes you just gotta take a really, really big step back and find that something you used to be passionate about. A lot of my time nowadays goes toward finding that passion again. Thanks for reading my re-intro into SoulSplit and I hope you'll have me. Thank you. Previous introduction
  5. As literally every person ever will say, including Fox, the shoutbox will never happen as they're too insecure. Essentially their security is shit and easily broken-into. Security measures can be made but why bother when you have Discord? (To specify, the shoutbox/chatbox's security is shit, not SoulSplit's. Although...........)
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    Welcome back to SoulSplit :)
  7. Welcome back to SoulSplit, brother :) Hope you enjoy being here
  8. Hey Grim, welcome back to SoulSplit :) We're very glad to hear about your appreciation for our developers. Pleasure to have you here, brother.
  9. Congratulations and good luck Max :) We're currently working on the comp cape requirements so look out for that as well
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    Seen you online a few times :) Welcome to the Forums
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    Welcome to SoulSplit brother and glad to have more positive people apart of the community :) See you around!
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    Ahh I remember Legacy way back in like 2011/2012. Welcome back to SoulSplit, brother
  13. Welcome back to the RSPS 'scene' and welcome to SoulSplit :) Hope you enjoy your time with us here
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    Welcome to SoulSplit, Kross:) Hope you enjoy your time here
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    Welcome to SoulSplit, brother. Hope you enjoy your time here :)