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  1. Well then... daily reminder has changed. Cu when we get some positive news...
  2. I was made for Alotic. Alotic will be my daddy. Alotic will be my best friend. Alotic will be my wife. Alotic will die with me. 😍🥰

  3. Ofcourse im here buddy Cant wait to see you ingame! @Its Mo Cu ingame
  4. Amazing work @Edu Cant really wait to start beta stage! PLEASE GIMME BETA NAO
  5. Rs3 perks are actually nice tbh Id like to see some of these added.
  6. But also can add a moneysink to reset stats ? Like 1m per stats. Fair for both ways.
  7. Looking forward to see more progress being made! I love you @Edu!!!
  8. I kinda do remember and then i dont But I definetly remember Jay! We had fun. Nice to see people from different servers around.
  9. Top notch editing skills btw
  10. Should Pest Control remain? (We are thinking about removing it and you would get void by a new and minigame called Survival. I dont mind the old PC at all. If we get both of the minigames that gives members choice which one they enjoy more or less. They have to be balanced. My personal preference would be both of them since i like variety in my gameplay. Also if i had to choose one - im going with oldschool PC! Rewards for the said Survival minigame. Should be same as PC rewards. Since i stated my ideas above^ Should we add QOL stuff from OSRS? If so what should we add? Got something else OSRS has that you think we should have, let us now! Definetly! YES! 100% Those updates improved the gameplay and enjoyment factor by tons. Dungeoneering. Should we add it? If we add survival we might be using dungeoneering bosses and adding new mechanics. OH HELL YEAH! One of my favorite skills back in the days! I still remember the day when it was launched! Also dont mind the layout of the mechanics. If you can solo it would be awesome also! Should NMZ be touched? I remember in old ALOTIC there was group of players who were going for records and were hardcore players in NMZ also id like to see some competition going on! KEEP IT!
  11. Im back, i will get 1. 2. Will recreate this for 2019: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hjzADiNcOFc 3. And hoping i will see alot oldschool players/moderators who i had fun here back in the Alotic days! Also hi @Updatecheck