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  1. May as well trade me the stuff now. #1 edge style pker on this server, and since I'm not hosting gl boys . If I win I'll more than likely give away to new people or someone who has played for a while and is broke, OR go and gamble it vs some 1 till I like the outcome or it's gone/pk till I plank in it .
  2. Sums up my feelings exactly numbers are dwindling, and a lot of people that have donated good money are not pleased with the progress to say the least. At the bare minimum it would be good business to appease those customers with some much needed updates. We all want to see SS thrive, clearly all of us came back and continue to play because we like the server or some previous version of it. Just hope the focus stays on SS and not other pservers there's plenty of those around, but only 1 ss, stick to what works. Just my humble suggestion.