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  1. Canadian whiskey... yeah back in the days of ss1 you couldn't space the name so I added the d. Which most of y'all can get in the wildly. Lol! Jk i'm not good at pking so it will probably be me. Hope to have a blast with y'all.
  2. Hello and meet swampletics my morytania locked ultimate ironman account. JK man please make vids
  3. Crowndroyal

    SS Gamertags

    ikypkyfresh. Been that for 14 years. what a name huh? Hit me up
  4. I believe this will be the number one server again. Thank you for your work
  5. I got a cave horror task that I can neither skip or do. Braindeath island teleport tells me members only even though the master said members dungeon or braindeath. I cannot skip the task because I am on task 4 with 0 points to skip.
  6. braindeath island is still member only