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  1. Magical blastbox was a reward from dungeoneering that u could buy for 40k dung tokens. It was added in 2010 and removed from the game with eoc update. It could store runes from bolt and blast spells, gave some bonuses and every 5th hit u dealt +25% damage! So it was a great reward for mage pures for pvp! You must add it! Also, if there are no quests on Alotic, then you must add chaos gauntlets that increased maximum damage done by all bolt spells by 3! So this will make low-level pking active and very fun, because magers always suffered for not being as strong as melee and range pkers. Lets make Alotic great not only for high level players but also for low level community that always existed in runescape!
  2. Make it like it was in 2011, u needed to have 130 total level (attack + strength combined) or 99 strength or 99 attack to enter warriors guild and get defenders.
  3. Lets hope mods will see my suggested perks and will agree/disagree with them or add their own ideas and possibly poll them in future. There is nothing wrong to have a LIL perk with LIL benefit for your 200m xp skillcape as long, as u said, they are not OP for pvm and pvp. Cosmetic skillcape is already great but having a LIL perk also will give u great feelings for your grind.
  4. ok I edited some of my perks now.
  5. ok I added 11% damage block for 200m defence cape if u have Aegis aura instead of 10%, thinking now about attack, str and hp capes
  6. Jeez why u dont stop, if u think my perks are OP, why cant you lower their benefits????
  7. Then add 3% damage absorbtion for defence cape, 1 more hit after miss for attack cape, 2k damage cap for str cape, 1/4 for prayer, 80 hp boost for hp cape, less paralize ability for summoning cape...Cmon dude!
  8. Man, they are not op at all...
  9. O Ok i understand why u think that non combat perks are unnecessary but hey dude, come on, there is nothing wrong with defence cape gives 5% more damage absorbtion or ranged cape gives ava function or attack cape gives u a lil bit more chance to success hit...
  10. Then add your own ideas for combat 200m skillcape perks..
  11. Not at all, thats the reward for grind past 99 as u get 10x xp rate
  12. 200m attack skillcape perk - you get 2% accuracy boost 200m strength skillcape perk - you have 15% chance to hit through protect from melee prayer with a special breaking melee prayer animation 200m defence skillcape perk - while wearing 200m defence cape with Aegis aura, you can block up to 11% damage instead of 10% 200m prayer skillcape perk - once every 1 minute of combat adds glowing wings to your character that restore your prayer for 1/6 of damage u deal to your opponent for next 5 seconds 200m hitpoints skillcape perk - while wearing the cape it adds more 60 hp boost to your hp pool bar 200m summoning skillcape perk - once every 1 minute of combat there will appear random revenant pet/familiar that will add "paralize" effect to your opponent (depending on type of revenant, paralize effect will include freezing your target for 10 seconds, sucking their combat stats or simply little damage-over-time effect, etc) 200m mining skillcape perk - chance of mining double ore 200m smithing perk - increases the speed of smelting ores and creating different types of armour 200m agility skillcape perk - the cape can be activated once every 1 minute for your character to run 2x faster for next 5 seconds 200m herblore skillcape perk - mixing different potions will give you a chance to create 3-dose "unique" potion that will restore your stats automatically every 3 seconds for 30 seconds onwards from stat-reducing potions such as saradomin brews or curse prayers 200m fishing skillcape perk - chance to catch special type of shark called "diamond shark" that has analogy with rs3's "fury shark" that can keep more +1 of your items kept on death when you eat diamond shark for 30 seconds 200m firemaking skillcape perk - chance to create bonfire from your current fire and boost your max hp by 5% for next 5-10 minutes 200m cooking skillcape perk - while wearing this cape your cooked food will get a very bit more healing boost (very tiny boost but still worth if u prepare for boss or pvp) 200m hunter skillcape perk - hunting whatever you want will be 100% success 200m dungeoneering skillcape perk - no idea lol 200m woodcutting skillcape perk - chance to get double logs 200m runecrafting skillcape perk - while runecrafting you have a chance to create "unique" runes that are all in one type of rune and can save you inventory spots 200m crafting skillcape perk - sorry, no idea 200m fletching skillcape perk - chance to fletch unique "crystal arrows" that are used with crystal bow to give it more damage and longer range distance (was 10 meteres, now its like 12+) or even faster attack speed 200m magic skillcape perk - no need to swap spellbooks, u can cast spells while wearing this cape from normal, zaros and lunar spellbooks, 3 in 1 200m ranged skillcape perk - works as ava, has 100% collect back chance and has hidden accuracy boost for all ranged weapons 200m slayer skillcape perk - better drops from assigned monsters 200m farming skillcape perk - while wearing this cape you can plant anywhere u want on Gielinor "special fruits" that will have special growth time and when u pick them they can heal you (very useful for wilderness clan pvp as you can lead your clan for healing or long-term pvm boss fights) 200m thieving skillcape perk - while wearing this cape you can steal food/potions 1-3 times every 1 minute from another player in pvp or in non pvp activities (if their aid is on) 200m construction skillcape perk - you can build your 1 wooden house anywhere in Gielinor (including wilderness) So yes, these are my ideas, my brainstorm for 200m skillcapes perks, guys. Feel free to add your own ideas, suggestions, etc.
  13. Please, let the Alotic be a great server! Forbid lowering stats like attack, defence and prayer! Keep the uniquess of pures!