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  1. Nerd

    1. Its Mo

      Its Mo

      I agree

    2. Liquid Flame

      Liquid Flame

      Sad kids both banned

    3. Its Mo

      Its Mo

      we just speak facts 🤯

  2. Just click the discord button in the bottom right boom shoutbox
  3. Emo


    WATCH IT! It's great! Looking forward to hearing what you think #teamluci
  4. Emo


    It's very good, I'm really glad Netflix saved it from being cancelled And they've confirmed another season will be released, so no teen titans redux lol WATCH IT MO
  5. Emo


    Finally finished Lucifer last night! I'm excited to see the next season after that massive cliffhanger of a finale! Anyone else a fan of the show?
  6. Finally finished lucifer last night, excited for another season after that massive cliffhanger finale! Anyone else a fan of the show?

    1. Caliphate


      good show?

    2. Emo


      Very good show :)

  7. Favourite type of music? Rap/Post-Hardcore/Screamo Favourite food, if you were on death row and you got one meal before you died, what would it be? I would say blt, but I can never eat just one, soo... Chilli's baby back ribs. Cats or dogs? Dogs are great, but I'm more of a cat person. What country are you from? US of A Favourite movie, favourite tv show? Movie - Deadpool. TV Show so many, but favorite of all time is Psych! Favourite thing to do on SoulSplit? Mess around on the forums. Favourite Youtube channel? My own - what ya gonna do about it? JK, umm... Tobuscus honestly so much variety Favourite thing to do irl? Play Hockey/Mosh Pits What's the best sport? Hockey obv Where's the best place to travel? I want to go through Thailand, I could survive off of very little cash. What's your biggest fear? The day where the difference between love and lust are lost meanings. What is your celebrity crush, male & female (pause)? Ryan Reynolds obv, and Chloe Grace Moretz Why do you play rsps? Cause I hate RS3 and I don't like OSRS. My favorite time in RS was May 2012. RSPS gets closest to that. Thank you for taking the time to answer.
  8. Add market cc like SS2 had, problem solved.
  9. Congratz to the new helpers! Do the server proud!
  10. Emo


    Whalecum to the sewver
  11. Welcome back good sir.
  12. Emo

    SS Gamertags

    Dragonpwnsz - Same as most things for me
  13. Emo

    Sup I'm Scott

    Good to see you here too Hahaha Golden Yeah it really was