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  1. Cat

    Hey Again

    i remember you............hello and welcome back
  2. Cat

    Hey guys <3

    Welcome to the server! Even though you like our forums, you should still check out our discord to get to know everyone even better
  3. Cat

    share your setup!

    @OG KingFox Pretty keyboard. I can't imagine not having 2 monitors though
  4. Cat

    share your setup!

    yes!! i can't wait until pokemon sword comes out. i need to put my switch on my desk
  5. Cat

    share your setup!

    post your pc setups here so we can see what you're all gamin with! here's mine:
  6. hi friends

    1. Cozy



  7. I agree that the global rule book should be modified to fit more closely to the rules we’ve all settled on as a team. I’m not sure who changes the rule book, but it’s definitely something I could try discussing with the team. Safe spotting is iffy, because it’s hard to tell if the player is taking advantage of the spot and completely AFKing the boss/monster. Players are usually warned before punishment and action is only taken against those completely abusing the spot. Buying and selling in the Help CC was a unanimous agreement among ourselves as a team that we wouldn’t allow players to say they’re buying/selling something in the clan chat multiple times as it can clutter it when the chat is meant for helping players with questions, not buying or selling their items. Again, this should be added to the rule book.
  8. Cat

    auto page type

    not entirely sure of the purpose of this? so you can see if you said something already? or what
  9. Did you forget your password? If so this isn't the place to post this. Just make it something you normally use but add an uppercase letter lol
  10. Cat

    OSRS Content

    agreed don't see the point in limiting content on a rsps just to call yourself pre-eoc
  11. welcome back enjoy ur stay also is tiramisu good ive yet to try it
  12. how do we log into game?


    1. Cat
    2. Best Ever

      Best Ever

      I downloaded client - cannot log into any of the 6 worlds


  13. Cat


    welcome to the server!!!! let me know if you ever need help with anything