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  1. In case you were unaware. The live server will be shutting down June 1st; for beta testing / content re-fining until we relaunch. Not advertising nor do we maintain the LIVE server at the moment. TBD at a later date.
  2. At a 1/300 chance for a drop; with 16% drop rate increase after donating 5,000$ to the server -> You'll still have 1/252 chance at a rare drop, which will still involve pretty much, the equivalent grind, give or take 20-30 minutes. It does not effect the economy THAT much and does not make us remotely as P2W as the top server(s) online right now. Ergo; if we don't sell max cash, phats, and torva sets, our economy will already be miles better than the competition that we'll face. Donation ranks are based on the credits SPENT on your accounts. Meaning, the people who donate for credits can sell them to other players and if you USE the credits on your account after buying them from someone else; you can get just as high of a donation rank as someone else through in-game items, not spending IRL money. Allowing that option for people shows that it is not restricted to only people whom are able to afford it. Also, if you're able to donate 5,000$ to support us (which is about two full weeks of development cost(s)), they should be entitled to some aspect of a 'reward' based system to show our appreciation and give them the feeling where they can know that we appreciate what they do for the server, without selling end-game armour/items..
  3. 1. Everyone whom is part of the quality-assurance team, or any volunteers by applying for the rank, will be able to help us test all worlds, in our beta. Also, I don't mind announcing our updates and we will be* announcing them, as I have been in discord. 2. Bug reports / suggestions will be created on the forums; not discord, now that we have the forums 100% working. 3. Resetting players -> Now that everything is working in-game and we won't have an insane amount of disconnection issues nor randomized resets, lamps, dupes, etc... the competition of the server will be fair as well as the economy; flips are being removed from SoulSplit worlds, donation credits are being refunded to everyone who did not charge-back their money, and several new features that will re-define how the economy flows (Well of Goodwill, GE, Skilling profitability, donations being changed, PvP changes, Slayer re-work, etc...), that's just the best way to handle this situation. The staff team and the management team all argued this choice HEAVILY and it will not be changed. 4. Glacors drop tables are working again, and people definitely were grinding them after that. Also, the vote store was already changed / as well as heavily limited for ironmen. 5. This isn't just an 'eco' reset; this is a re-launch. Totally different. Didn't HAVE to do it, but it's the only way to correctly re-market the server and give us the best chance for longevity economy/gameplay wise. 6. SoulSpawn is fine; it's just a separate option for people to enjoy. I'm not in this for money, as you might be able to see, we haven't made any money since week 2 of the release and I'm funding this out of pocket till our re-release. It's being re-worked/changed to ensure the longevity of it's economy as well and we're not going to be re-releasing until I'm 100% sure that we're ready this time. In-game Accounts are separated between SoulSplit / SoulSpawn; however, credits are transferable and can be used for either SoulSplit or SoulSpawn so donations will be dependent on the player for which servers they would like to spend their credits on. Site wise; Logo's will differ when we're ready for the sites to be dropped ( the main domains being &, as well as store/highscores/flips. Other than that, same community/same forums/same account names. All of June is being used to improve PvP (We're re-writing combat entirely). The rest of this month is to add new content (a large amount of new content), as well as perfect existing content. All current servers will be switched to beta-only/staff-only starting June 1st.
  4. Flips are limited to SoulSpawn only; not SoulSplit worlds on the re-launch, and there isn't much that is heavily OP in the store otherwise. So, fixed.
  5. Welcome to the community <3
  6. Welcome to SoulSplit <3
  7. Separate issue. It works, sarcastically. Need to debug why it goes out of sync for soulsocial...
  8. Welcome to the server! :D We have all the same modes as we did previously; sir, lord, legend, extreme
  9. Greetings SoulSplit community! Here's another update thread for you! This week; we did more back-end updates than front-end updates, but it was necessary to be able to release new content at a MUCH quicker rate than before. We will be throwing a LOT of new content at you guys this upcoming week/Easter weekend. So, stay tuned for that. <3 NPC Drop Tables: the following npc's have had their drop-tables completely re-done so far: Aberrant Spectre Aquanite Giant Bat Abyssal Demon Basilisk Black Dragon Black Demon Brine Rat Bronze Dragon Bork Blue Dragon Bloodveld Brutal Green Dragon Cave Bug Cave Crawler Cave Horror Cave Slime Cockatrice Commander Zilyana Corporeal Beast Crocodile Crawling Hand Dagannoth Dagannoth Prime Dagannoth Rex Dagannoth Supreme Server: We have successfully finished our plugin system which will allow us to get content pushed out MUCH quicker than before with the older, depreciated systems that were there previously. (Large backend update; Kotlin, co-routines baby) PMing/friends list was fixed. Examine on NPC's was fixed. Dds special attack no longer uses 30%. Teleblock time length was fixed for PVP. Shops will now tell you when you do not have enough currency to buy an item. You can now receive more than 200 stardust at a time, first miner experience bonus is now given immediately. Client: Client memory usage will be heavily reduced next client update. (Previous client == left || New client == right). Ice barrage animation was fixed. Iron man crowns were added. Low memory toggle added. Fixed viewing angle issue with certain object types (wrong setting). Fixed lava textures in wilderness. Fixed null objects that were causing people to DC. Fixed npc right click options (oops). Object animations were fixed. Fixed player chat heads. Splash screen was added to the client while loading client assets. Massive improvements were made to our File-net/cache downloading system of the server. New interfaces were added: (not implemented live yet, but are completed) Teleport interface Presets interface OSRS slayer interface NPC kill tracker Achievement tracker
  10. Greetings SoulSplit community! Here we are with ANOTHA one... Server: Master Farmer was added: Spawns were added at Draynor & Ardougne. Reworked agility course completion checking to evaluate in scope per player not a global scope (Everyone receives rewards now). Disabled the use of familiars inside the duel arena. Fixed a mistake in logic preventing users from receiving items post duel. Fixed a visual bug causing spoils not appearing on the duel victory interface. The following NPC's had their combat defense stats nerfed: Corporeal Beast Nex Nomad Shop System was completely re-done: Backend was optimized to allow us to easily add/modify existing shops. Shop prices will no longer decrease based on the amount of items that are sold to the general store. (So, skilling will be much more profitable). Fixed alchemy not correctly returning to the spell book. Fixed a regression which caused mining rocks and other objects to disappear when they were de-spawned. Redirected portal inside Clan Wars safe area to teleport the player to their respective home location instead of in the middle of wild. Shooting stars: Added success rolling for shooting stars based on difficulty. Added support for first-miner bonus on shooting stars. Added support for receiving stardust per successful mine on shooting stars. The amount of stardust obtainable per player capped at 200. Ensure player's action is reset if the shooting star disappears before finished. Added prospecting support for shooting stars. It will display the current stage of the star, level required to mine and percent to next layer. Fixed a bug with resetting player stats after running into the wilderness with an overload buff Added stat requirements to agile equipment. Client: Tweening has been added. Several memory improvements were made. Aesthetics: Several issues in maps/roofs/etc... were all fixed/optimized. Textures/models/etc... were all fixed/optimized. IdentityKit System was improved (fixes pink hair -> adds support for more colors). Fixed an issue where performance would degrade over time causing consistent fps dips. Update server: After the initial download, only individual files that are updated, will be downloaded when we do a client/cache update. Fixed projectiles from crashing the client.
  11. Hello Everyone, We will be polling content every week from now on to figure out what should/should not be added to the server. Make sure to give your opinions each week so that we can improve the game with YOUR input. If you have any further suggestions besides what is listed in the poll, make sure to post your suggestions here as well! Example for the boss instance system: Thanks, SoulSplit Administration
  12. Hello Everyone, It's time for CONTENT POLLS! That means, we're ready to start adding in new content! We will be polling content every week from now on to figure out what should/should not be added to the server. Make sure to give your opinions each week so that we can improve the game with YOUR input. If you have any further suggestions besides what is listed in the poll, make sure to post your suggestions here as well! Thanks, SoulSplit Administration