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  1. No. We have not given up on SoulSplit. However, right now our focus HAS to be shifted toward projects that are going to bring in players/money, so that we're able to continue progress on ALL of our servers, including SoulSplit. The amount soulsplit makes vs the amount of money it would take in development and advertisements to bring it up to par with modern servers is more than we're willing to invest at the current time. This is the rational behind our shift of focus and ultimately, will provide more funding for SoulSplit in general and more potential traffic for our Network of servers.
  2. Greetings, We spent a considerable amount of time improving our network and engine infrastructure this past week. This update also heavily setup for our future overhauls on combat and future content in-general. We are open for all community feedback and suggestions, if you have something to say that you think would help Soulsplit, let us know! Remember; you can help us perfect in-game content as well by reporting as many bugs as possible! Do so by reporting them here! Server: Wilderness Agility Course has been fixed. GE has been fixed and re-enabled. Interface updating when collecting GE items was added. Fixed the weird refreshing issue on the interface. Player Updating has been completely re-written. Polypore dungeon progress started. Only thing left is combat scripts and neem oil functionality. The korasi drop from Nomad has been fixed. Ore rocks that were giving the wrong materials have been fixed. ::empty dialogue isn't scuffed anymore. Mithril arrows are not noted anymore and function properly. Fixed the mithril arrow drop at kree'arra. Steel dragons no longer drop individual steel bars. Chivalry & Piety now require 65 defense or higher. Overhead prayer conflicting has been fixed. You can no longer receive '0' of an item from pick-pocketing. BGS spec now takes 50% spec, instead of 100%. Vengeance has been fixed. Poison is now cured when the player has an anti-poison totem equipped. Fixed certain blue dragons that had no drop tables. Teleporting now interrupts actions. Fixed entering castle wars & capturing flags. Proper item types were added. All old item definitions were removed. Includes proper bonuses, requirements, combat type, etc. Nex will now properly retaliate, even if people who are soloing leave the area (No more nulling issues). Corporeal Beast's maximum attack distance has been fixed. (No longer can safe-spot him past the entrance). Client: Fixed some issues with map objects. Some particle issues have been fixed. Minor fix for HD Water with the recent rendering changes. Some changes to how the client processes Entity movement and turning. Summoning orb position fixed. Dice bag options have been restored. Player Updating & Rendering has been improved. All player appearance options coming Soon™. Start of proper QuickChat. Fixed an issue with model rendering on Widgets. Item examine interface is now functional. (Expect some changes/tweaks to this overtime) Equipped items now have proper context menu options. Various data changes to prevent issues in the future. SoulSplit Development Team.
  3. I want to make this very clear. We are actively working on SoulSplit and Alotic, but the development of Alotic is not taking away from SoulSplit's development. The Lead Developer for Alotic, Edu, who has done all of the content updates that you've seen in the dev blogs for Alotic, is currently working on Alotic content by himself. The only development being done by the SoulSplit developers on Alotic right now, is getting the backend setup to have Alotic work with the website accounts/allow for cross-server PMing, Clan Chats, etc... as well as the new launcher that is being made; however, that benefits SoulSplit as well. We had to do a lot of backend updates this week on SoulSplit, getting the GE actually prepared/fixed up as well as the fact that we had to completely re-write banking and other systems to be more efficient/fix some very bad issues in-game with that. So, yes. We had a slow week, content wise that you were able to see. However, we also all had irl issues occur this week that caused a slow-down as well. Those issues have all relatively been resolved and we're back in the full swing of things. Also, I'd like to point out one more thing that you may not have thought about: Advertising Alotic helps advertise SoulSplit. and vise-versa. Everything is connected for a reason. We want to provide the best experience for all players here at the SoulSplit network.
  4. Reaper


    Very good! One of my favorite shows.
  5. Greetings! As promised, our next batch of weekly updates is now live! We've taken some time to adjust the Grand Exchange as there were some configurations necessary. On top of this, we've got plenty of new updates, fixes and overall enhancements. We hope you find can all find something to enjoy in this update! Sale; In addition, our 'BACK2SCHOOL' sale is now LIVE! Player's interested in purchasing credits can use code 'BACK2SCHOOL' for 15% OFF credit purchases at the store Server: Range strength and ranged max hit calculations were re-written. Player's will no longer have the ability to produce high hits with range This fixes the damage output produced by the following weapons; Knives Magic shortbow Zaryte bow etc... Duel Arena: You will no longer get teleported every time you login. Equipment disabling has been fixed. Now uses force chat correctly for the beginning of the duel. (Force chat has been fixed.) ESC' button will now properly decline duels. Grizzly Bear animations have been fixed. They will no longer flicker; However, they are currently stiff while we fix a separate issue with models. Banking: 'Insert' mode in the bank now works Withdraw as note will now update whenever clicked. State is saved on logout. Fixed inconsistencies with skulling where you could visibly be skulled but aren't actually skulled. Fixed achievements not being marked as complete in the achievement journal. The rag and bone man typo in the quest log has been fixed. Herblore has been fixed. (secondary ingredients are working properly now). Removed iron dragons from the wall. GRAND EXCHANGE IS HERE! The GE is a trading system for players to buy and sell almost all tradeable items. All coins and items from fully and partially finished trades are collectible at any bank, but not at bank chests (excluding Shantay Pass, Burthorpe, Combat Academy, Clan Wars and Castle Wars lobby) and deposit boxes. Additionally, players will receive a message in their chatbox when the status of a trade offer is updated. Many players find it useful to sell items on the Grand Exchange rather than to a General Store, as the profit margin is much larger for useful items. Grand Exchange: Buying and selling functionality added. Noted item support was completed. Client: This update we wanted to focus on the overall graphical look to Soulsplit. While exploring the realms of Soulsplit, we wanted to ensure that the community can experience a more visually pleasing game. With smoke coming out of chimneys, to lighting fixes, we dedicated the time to ensure that these feature's appropriately dictate the detail we want our player's to experience while playing Soulsplit! Below, you will find a list of updates as well as images to exemplify visually what has been done/affected in this patch client side Entity shadows toggle has been added to the client. All textures are slightly less dark. Lighting has been updated. Proper tweening has been added. object/player/npc/gfx/projectile rendering was redone. Summoning orb skill id was fixed. Particles have been redone. Has some very small bugs which will be ironed out. Before: After: Before: After: Before: After: Make sure to report any bugs that you find as soon as you encounter them! Best Regards, Soulsplit Development Team
  6. Greetings, We'd like to first apologize for the delays regarding this update... We had to do countless backend updates this week to fix multiple issues that were greatly hindering our development. Thankfully, we've got all of those issues fixed now and we should not run into that issue again This was also a hectic week IRL for our entire development team; everyone had unexpected issues pop up randomly throughout the week, from being sick to family emergencies, which is also the cause of the slow update this week. Again, we apologize for the delays and we'll try not to make this a habit. We are open for all community feedback and suggestions, if you have something to say that you think would help Soulsplit, let us know! Remember; you can help us perfect in-game content as well by reporting as many bugs as possible! Do so by reporting them here! Status: Live. Server: Implemented double xp, double vote, drop rate increase 10/15% and double slayer pts daily events properly (should all work now). Fixed the triple experience issue with well of good will. Claiming bonds will now give you the total donated increment amount. So, when you buy the bond, you get the 10$ incremented amount, on your account toward your next rank, as well as when you use the bond. Removed countless traces of bad/legacy code. Added spinning wheel functionality for crafting. (All materials, not just flax). Uses the proper interface now as well. Added amulet stringing to crafting. (ironmen can create fury amulets now, etc)... Multi-attack spells now working. (Barrage spells, etc...) Fixed a glacor safe-spot. Massive progress toward GE / cross-world GE functionality / Website implementation of the GE. (Not live yet, still has another day or two left till we're able to release it). Willow tree's behind Camelot bank are fixed. Fixed uninterruptible death in minigames. Fixed offline account loading not working. Opening a lootable bird's nest will now give you the reward as well as an empty bird's nest. Bronze dragons stairs are fixed in Brimhaven dung. Smithing: Cannonball creation added. Fixed Rellekan Dispute quest not teleporting you to the boss. Also Nurfed the boss. Added a hint for Rellekan Dispute quest to be more descriptive for the object to use the tinderbox on. Fixed GWD id's mix-up for the required doors. ContainerItem backend was completely re-written. Initial implementation of Farming: Farming is in beta, only herb patches are supported while we polish it Castle Wars: Castle wars barricades may now be attacked. Lobby will now do better prioritization when you join green. Multiple people will no longer be able to pick up a flag. Arrows are removed when dropping the flag. Timer can no longer go negative. When leaving it's no longer possible to smuggle the flag. Castle wars death is safe now. You can now use bucket of water on burning barricades to put them out. Switching weapons or shield will drop the flag. Flag state will now update when picked back up after being dropped. You are now given a cape and hood instead of just the cape. Run will now decrease when in castle wars Client: Multi-Revision Loading was added. 498 data toggle enabled for all players. Objects now use random animations when possible. Fixes some/most depth buffering issues. Fixes some entities having larger click boxes. Animations look/feel smoother. Changes were made to model rendering. Overall game looks better (vertex/triangles won't be fighting/overlapping each other is the biggest thing) Range/mage variant of TokHaar-Kal added. There is a LOT more coming in our next update, for the client as well as farming. Our next update should also include GE, as well as some more bug fixes/improvements. We are still diligently working and we're beginning to work on some of our polled content as of now. SoulSplit Development Team.
  7. Greetings, We are open for all community feedback and suggestions, if you have something to say that you think would help Soulsplit, let us know! Remember; you can help us perfect in-game content as well by reporting as many bugs as possible! Do so by reporting them here! Status: Live. Server: Added missing rock ids for mining clay/iron. Removed ogre guard from rock crabs. Removed walking from Dungeoneering banker/Mr.Ex Fixed interactable positions for objects. Fixed dungeoneering experience lamp in the shop. Fixed 'x' input. Fixed lumbridge furnace. Fixed witches potion cauldron. Fixed a crash when catching butterflies. Referral system written. (allows for you-tubers/us/etc... to do giveaways). Backend (Logs have been completely re-done and automatic backups have been redone). Fixed wilderness course bonus exp. Castle wars: You now get a tinderbox instead of toolkit from the tool bench. When leaving CW's, items that belong to the minigame are taken from players. You can now use a tinderbox on barricades to destroy them. You can now destroy barricades by attacking as well. Added buckets of water and barricade dousing. Mining rocks underground works now. success rates tweaked for mining in general, because we noticed a flaw when we did this ^ Fixed lobby issues for Castle wars when leaving through the portals. Fixed all broken stairs/ladders/coords issues. Fixed object route finding. (allows for proper pathing to doors/objects/etc.. in castle wars and outside of cws). Fixed object stacking issue in castle wars. Fixed doors not spawning correctly in castle wars. In-game interface has been fixed for resizable mode. Added stepping stones functionality in castle wars. Client: Elemental staves count as runes now in the magic book. Clicking behind interfaces to close them is smoother now/more functional. More to come. SoulSplit Development Team.
  8. Greetings, Card flips were disabled following the release. We wanted to spend a considerable amount of time ensuring that they do not negatively affect the economy as they did previously. Removing overpowered drops, reducing the odds and configuring appropriate tiers within the card flip game, you can find them @ the store. Card flips have reduced in price Offer the same rewards as mystery boxes Lower odds at receiving a rare item category (considering you get 2 rewards upon each flip) In addition, we have removed the buffed "enhanced flip" option, customer's will now only have access to one card flip category We are continuously trying to keep the server relatively P2W safe, but with increasing server costs and our plans to expand the community with advertising, we figured this was a good path to help accumulate fund. We would like to thank everyone in the community for their added support. We are open for all community feedback and suggestions, if you have something to say that you think would help Soulsplit, let us know! That being said; we pushed out a lot of needed fixes this update, which will help the longevity of the server as well as fix up some of the known annoying bugs that people have been having. Remember; you can help us perfect in-game content as well by reporting as many bugs as possible! Do so by reporting them here! Status: Live. Server: Nex now uses smart-following (No more safe-spotting; he will follow you everywhere). Fixed the attack range of bosses (no more safe-spotting corp, pest queen, etc...). Route-finding has been completely optimized/cleaned-up: Removed all unused flags/wall clip regressions (fixed things like the edgeville bank walls, etc...). Proper fix to finding routes, so you will no longer stop moving/not start moving. Pathing is smoother/fixed delays. Removed donator's ability to keep items when killed by another player in wilderness. Quest interface will now show the amount of quest points you receive. Fixed spawning of pirate for relekkan dispute. Fixed all quests giving research notes on dialog end. Removed awful old prayer code and fixed the prayer bug where you had full prayer points and couldn't pray. You can no longer interact with objects from behind walls etc... When movement is locked (Agility, etc...), you can no longer execute a teleport. Walking away from something will end your animation immediately. Removed misleading message when storing items with a pak-yak. Friends list is now fixed for online/offline functionality. Cooking has been improved: Added interfaces for cooking options to all cookable items. Added sinew cooking. Fixed high alch magic level requirement. Fixed a BOB problem. You can now create rings and bracelets by using a mold or gold bar on a furnace Client: HD texture's have been fixed. (No longer redraws, reduces lag/FPS issues). Made large improvements toward startup time and the client performance overall. Dark ground textures overlay has been fixed. More to come. SoulSplit Development Team.
  9. Hello Everyone, Another round of bug fixes! Small update thread; but some key updates were done. More to come very soon. Will try to update again today; if not, will be tomorrow morning. Remember; you can help us with that by reporting as many bugs as possible! Do so by reporting them here! Status: Live. Server: Wilderness Agility Course has been added. Single pipe obstacle functionalities added to server. Stepping stones agility obstacle functionalities added to the server. Fixed the delay/animation for climbable objects. Fixed distance checks for big npcs (Fixes corporeal beast safe-spot). Fixed "This feature is currently disabled." spamming. Fixed duel arena overflow (no more bugging your account). Fixed range xp. Emptying/filling vials of water was added. Fixed new account creation issue. Fixed eating interrupting movement. Fixed some pathfinding issues with attacking facing backwards. Client: Disabled data toggle for non-beta players, fixed legacy code issue. More to come. SoulSplit Development Team.
  10. Hello Everyone, Another round of bug fixes! We apologize for the delay for this update during the weekend, but we had a lot of backend things to finish/fix up in this update as well that are now fixed! We shouldn't run into any more issues that delay us like that now that those are fixed up. Remember; you can help us with that by reporting as many bugs as possible! Do so by reporting them here! Status: Live. Server: Barbarian Agility Course has been added. Barrows gloves are actually fixed now. The drop table interface now has the option to search for items as well as npcs. The voting achievement has been fixed for ironman. Fixed some object animations stopping instead of resetting. *Example: Draynor bank tree man and lumbridge sage owl* Rune mysteries air talisman will be given at the end of the quest. Shops will now properly deal with overflow of currency. Fixed deposit inventory and equipment. Fixed mining animation issue. Herblore -> Pestle and Mortar issue fixed. Low/High alch xp rates are now fixed. Ava's Accumulator was removed from the vote store. Fixed a regression where some new items could not be interacted with or would delete on logout. (kiln capes, for example). Fixed several issues regarding our event handling/how items are processed to be used for events (Fixes potion making, for example). You no longer need to walk to mobs to examine them. You now stop following anything when you are dead. New player following was added. (More accurate to OSRS following, rather than our previous update). Fixed shooting star percentage. Fixed shooting star being infinite. Interface checking was fixed. (Makes sure all windows are closed before opening a new window). Your region will now update when your height level changes. (Fixes slayer task drops && warrior's guild drops). Fixed residual clipping flags when the object -1 is removed. Player option 3 (duel request) now requires you to walk to the player before making a request. Overloads now properly only hit for 50 damage. Added a ::home command (You can also use Ctrl + h). Fixed tarromin/marentill required level and experience for cleaning. Soulwars timer fixed. Strykewyrms are attackable now if you have them as a slayer-task. Fixed incorrect black and green dhide vambrace ids in drop table. Fixed "Make All" on dialog choice interface. (Example: Cutting gems). Fixed being able to spam click objects when locked. More following fixes. (yay, pathfinding). Fixed a incorrect starting position issue upon initial login. Fixed a nulled region issue. Lunar teleports were fixed. The drop system has been completely re-done to be much more "fair" in terms of drop chances. All drop tables were converted to new format || rare drop table added to all mobs. All drop table rarities have been re-done. Crafting: Jewelry re-written. Bracelet creation ability added. A few Issues with pathfinding were fixed: Fixed a case when re-attacking that you do not move to the target. When inside or diagonal from an Entity; you will now move to the closest perimiter position of the entity in order to attack. Fixed onion picking. Client: Force closes cache usages on client exit. Fixed magic books rune amount centering. A low-memory toggle has been re-added. Loyalty shop interface has been fixed. Fixed being able to add/message yourself. Removed white space if empty tag/title. Fix some object animation related issues Fov Toggle You can now click behind all interfaces to close it. Bank search improvements Client mode preference will save on logout now. (Fixed or Resizable). A few memory improvements were done. 498 data toggle was added. (Beta only, not live yet). Several lighting changes were done to make the game look less, "dark". Fixed an issue with channel buttons taking over. More to come. SoulSplit Development Team.
  11. Should have a number of them for you guys tomorrow.
  12. Hello Everyone, Another day; another round of bug fixes! You can help us with that by reporting as many bugs as possible! Do so by reporting them here! Status: Live. Server: Included distance check to fix range/magic following. (Fixed issue from last update). Fixed ground items being able to be picked up from a distance. Fixed game objects not being properly removed until region load. Fixed wrong pathfinding interaction ordering. Added combat definitions for animated armors. (Warriors guild works now). Hitpoints will now be grabbed from combat definitions if the value is not provided by spawn method. Fixed "must kill all npcs" dungeoneering glitch. "Count Draynor" and player will no longer spawn in the wall during vampire slayer. Torva full helmet drop from Nex will no longer be broken. Fixed random black box appearing on screen for some teleports. Fixed RFD quest state not persisting even after success. Several more NPC pathing fixes.
  13. Hello Everyone, Another day; another round of bug fixes! Getting close to being relatively stable/getting the last bit of bugs fixed up. Our goal is to have at-least 90% of the bugs in-game fixed by the weekend! You can help us with that by reporting as many bugs as possible! Do so by reporting them here! Status: Live. Server: Youtubers can yell now. Force logout was fixed. Fixed bank searching withdrawing. Fixed withdrawing from money pouch when your inventory is full. Removed left-over debugging messages. Fixed int list attribute de-serialization, fixes achievement progress saving. Fixed button packets being returned early for skill menus (Fixes make X in all skills and Fletching). Fixed antique experience lamp skill order. Fixed shop buy X. Selecting quick prayers now opens the tab if you are not viewing it. Fixed shooting star flashing and not properly de-spawning. Fixed switching prayer books. Ensure the route is not alternate instead of found for objects. (Pathfinding fixes... Woo). Fixed 'You can't reach that!' when close to objects or npcs. Change direction priority of RouteFinder to produce more accurate paths (compared to OSRS). Correct object strategy west/east interaction bit mask. (Fixes a lot of pathing/objects issues). Optimize object route strategy, do not generate interactable info every call. (Wooo. Better pathing and fixes dungeoneering too!). Otherworldly beings spawns added. Fixed ancient magics. Fixed magic xp rates (Now adds the base XP, as well as the damage xp). Fixed donator credit quantity increase. Fixed hunter snare trap failing leaving behind no object. Fixed master farmer disconnecting you. Fixed voting double xp. Fixed prayer drain issues. Fixed stat adjustments screen not properly rounding. Added a extra grizzly bear spawn south of varrock. Added troll spawns at the trollheim entrance. Voting experience has been nerfed to 10 minutes per vote for regular members, 20 minutes for members. The cap for obtaining vote experience has been removed. Vote experience cannot be toggled off and must be used immediately or it will expire. Vote experience will not tick down while offline. Fixed random object flashing. Neitiznot helmet can now be purchased by ironmen. Fixed range/mage continuing to move even when distance is reached. -> disabled till next update. caused a regression issue. Client: Reset control/shift state on focus gain/loss. Option tab zoom slider works again. Fixed a interface scrolling issue. Item offsets from cursor when dragging items to tab bar in bank was fixed. Fixed tooltips going off the screen. More to come later! SoulSplit Development Team