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  3. so its that dead huh?

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  6. Server crashed, waiting for Reaper to fix it.
  7. This game is finished. Just leave.
  8. Created a new account "Daconda", started playing, but then it crashed. When I tried to log in again it said your account is already online, so I created another acc "Palanthor", crashed in the same place as last time, and now when I'm trying to log in it says "There are too many connections from your address". What should I do ?
  9. The game is finished mate. Dont bother
  10. Lilly v2 is my main character and it says im online when i am not, would like to get this fixed so i can continue playing please.
  11. Nerd

    1. Its Mo

      Its Mo

      I agree

    2. Liquid Flame

      Liquid Flame

      Sad kids both banned

    3. Its Mo

      Its Mo

      we just speak facts 🤯

  12. What? No one gave up on SoulSplit. There's only one developer for Alotic which is Edu. They aren't starting another project when this was being working on for almost two months now Alotic? It's not out yet as for SoulSplit they did mention it would be back online once Reaper is home.
  13. When is the server going back up?
  14. Lost without Demon Slayer 😞

  15. Thank you! My sole intention behind this idea was to help increase community interaction and provide new content that almost (sorry skillers) all players can enjoy. I'm glad you like the idea! Thank you! I would actually love to see this in Alotic as well.
  16. Yikes Been a rough one I guess...
  17. Wouldn't mind joining. Granted, I'd be more free on Saturday and I'd like if I could keep my items if my health were to drop to zero. Will try and keep tabs on the details, rules, et cetera. Seems like a lot of fun, my dude.
  18. May as well trade me the stuff now. #1 edge style pker on this server, and since I'm not hosting gl boys . If I win I'll more than likely give away to new people or someone who has played for a while and is broke, OR go and gamble it vs some 1 till I like the outcome or it's gone/pk till I plank in it .
  19. PKIKG This game Is so buggy you couldnt even host a drop party. Gl with that
  20. Well then... daily reminder has changed. Cu when we get some positive news...
  21. ?? Am I missing something here. You're focus'd on adding support to allow people to pm eachother when SS has been and will continue to be dead? Its had less than 20 people for months due to poor management. This has to be a joke, if this is srsly a priority before launch Alotic will end up in the same direction as SS. This again is a great way to lose a player base. (like its not already happen) Take the server offline if you dont plan on updating it. You're wasting money and peoples time. I know alotic was fucked due to the idiot decisions of a person but that isnt reason to keep making them. Be better.
  22. What a great idea @Lucian X Lets hope this gets added to the server(s). +1 from me
  23. Sounds like something to do + Would be nice to see the Vengeance bug fixed before this happens. Since it makes you invis for a couple tics to the other player.
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