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      • Thanks, I play basketball and football (soccer) but I can appreciate almost anything, as a canadian I have to love hockey by blood.
      • Welcome to the community! What are your favorite sports?
      • Hi there! Welcome.
      • Welcome glad to see the alotic team being strong as always!
      • The bellow is a list of compiled suggestions thought out by various members of the staff team after a few hours of Beta testing, going off reference to this thread I thought it would be a good idea to post the things we've already began discussing. Items placed inside a donation-based Shop ingame that would also house items that are accessible through content within the game; Tokhar-kal Firecape Elite void & Non elite void Fighter torso Rune and Dragon defender Various chaotic weapons and any other useful dungeoneering rewards (please be open with what you would like to see from there) Castle wars armour and costmetics (Halos, Faithful shield etc) Soul wars cloaks (highest prayer bonus besides completionist cape)   Shop exclusive Various cosmetic outfits/items including Holiday event items Bunny ears, scythe, Golden scythe, basket of eggs. At the current time it is possible to load 07 models into the game for anything that is highly requested if neccesary. Jester outfit Rares - Party hats, Halloween masks etc. Trouble brewing outfit rewards Mobilising armies cosmetic rewards Gilded Dragon pickaxe Gnome scarf Infinity ornament kit(s) Grain (cosmetic back item) Cap and Goggles Staff of light recolours from loyalty store Gnome staff recolours from loyalty store Slayer helmet recolours from loyalty store Bone sack (cosmetic back item) Boxing gloves Tickets that act as bonds granting membership, membership perks to be discussed at a later date. Mystery boxes including various cosmetic items and the chance at rares.   Content nerfs and problems that are currently being adressed Caskets - 40-80k > 20-40k Revenants - Potential nerf of the drop table due to them dropping a high amount of raw gp, keeping the econemy clean and stable is one of our biggest concerns for the longevity of the server. Removal of alt boosting methods inside of the wilderness to obtain tickets and brawlers. Brawlers - Reduce bonus experience gain Buff Crystal chest - Considering buffing the rewards to make it worth opening. Frost dragons - Wilderness frost dragons now drop noted bones, considering adding a members only frost dragon spawn within the resource dungeon located in Asgarnian Ice Dungeon. Content we are planning on reworking based on how it appeals to the playerbase Bounty hunter rework Full recreation of the survival minigame that was located on dragon tooth island, this would include a full overhaul of rewards and the minigame itself. Pest control rework / removal. Consitution toggle, being able to toggle between the new and old hitpoints system (990/99)          
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